Eddie Steele starting Nose Tackle?

I just found this page


which chronicles (as best it can) the changes in positions over the years. I haven't read the whole thing yet. It's got quite a lot of information (and maybe some opinion, and definitely some typos), including copies of old newspaper clippings illustrating the usage.

Coaches can call a position anything they want really. I was simply explaining the fundamental difference in the ideology of a NG vs. a DT or NT. Regardless of what they are called each one of those 3 exist because of slightly different roles. Some teams only use 1 or 2 of those but not all 3.

I remember an NFL DT in the 90's having a position the coach invented that they called "Eagle Tackle" which was essentially exactly what I described a Nose Guard to be.

Once again, thank you for taking the time to explain this Zen. To be honest I wasn't sure and like PiCat googled and found nothing really definitive. I thought NG and NT were the same thing. I was wrong.

I see.

Thank you Zen and Jordan for enlightening me after I didn't quite have the facts right on what went on and what happens when a team tries to take another players from another team's PR.

One of a few good informative posts here in this thread.

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