Eddie Steele starting Nose Tackle?

Eddie Steele is this close to becoming the starting nose guard for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. The 22nd overall pick out of last year’s draft has two exhibition games to confirm his strong training camp performance is the rule, not the exception.

There’s a lot riding on Steele adding a little non-import spice to the Front Four stew. If the positive strides he’s taken since a watch-and-learn rookie season stand the test of competitive fire, the Cats’ roster gains enough flexibility to tour with Cirque du soleil.

There’s a trio of potential “non-import? spots on the Cat defence: wide-side cornerback (where Ryan Hinds will start); safety (where Dylan Barker once started and still might) and nose guard (where Steele leads into the clubhouse turn, backed up by recent draftee Maurice Forbes).

At least two of those positions must go to Canadians in order to preserve ratio balance elsewhere on the roster, and three would be better. Matthew Kirk, the once projected starter at nose guard, is out for an undetermined period with a broken foot and Forbes is just a few weeks removed from the Concordia Stingers. So, if Steele isn’t quite up to snuff, then the Cats would have to go American across the defensive line. That, in turn, would mean using a Canadian safety almost all the time. That, in turn, would compromise the unpredictability factor required to maximize their new press defence. And that, in turn, would tick everyone right off.

But you get the distinct impression Marcel Bellefeuille, Bob O’Billovich and Steele himself anticipate the 22-year-old Winnipegger will make a successful transition from 2010 practice roster to 2011 starting grid.

“I can sense it,? Steele said Tuesday. “But I don’t want to get too complacent. That’s when the rug could be pulled out from under your feet. So I’ve just got to keep working and earn a spot up here. I have a lot of work to put in yet, but I feel that good things might happen this year.?

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Well, Steele was good enough for the blue team to want to take him from our practice roster last year.

And good enough for us to move him to the active roster so that we wouldn't lose him.

But is he good enough to start? That'll be one thing to look for in the preseason games.

"Nose guard" ? Who's playing flanker, halfback, split end and fly wing ?

Doesn't "nose guard" imply a three man front?

We didn't need to, he declined Toronto's offer. Clearly he's got a good head on his shoulders. :wink:

With a name like Eddie Steele he could play no were else but in the Hammer. :thup:

That's what I thought.I think it'd be cool to see:

DE Stevie Baggs
NT Matt Kirk/Eddie Steele/Maurice Forbes
DE Justin Hickman/Ventrell Jenkins

LB Jamall Johnson
MLB Rey Williams
MLB Brandon Denson
LB Markeith Knowlton

Aren't they usually called "nose tackles"? Perhaps the implication in Zontar's comment is that "nose guard" is an obsolete term, like flanker, split end, and fly wing. I thought halfback was still current (as a term for a defensive position), but maybe I'm wrong.

The Nose Guard position does not imply a 3-4. We're playing a 4-3. By "nose guard" they mean he will line up between the centre and a guard, trying to tie up those two lineman so the rest of the defensive line has one-on-one's and the linebackers could fly around untouched. The other defensive tackle lines up between the guard and tackle, while the two ends line up outside.

I suspect he was meaning the old term for the runningback. When I was growing up, "halfback" by itself always meant the smaller, faster of the two runningbacks. On defence, they were referred to as "defensive halfback". With the move to the term "runningback" for the offence, the "defensive" part became redundant.

I still miss the old terms.

Works for me. Thanks. Although going with a 3-4 with a rush LB could confuse the heck out of the opposing offences. The way Chamblin is talking about switching up the safety on the fly, it almost wouldn't surprise me.

I think originally, the terms quarterback, halfback, and fullback referred primarily to how far back the players lined up, with quarterback lining up (roughly) a quarter of the way behind the line of scrimmage, fullback lining up all the way back, etc. This seems to be consistent with how they're used with other football codes, like soccer and rugby (if the terms apply at all). I also read that the same terms used to be used for both offence and defence, so there would have been a defensive quarterback and fullback as well.

I though it would be fun if they used all of the old terms during the retro games, but it would probably be confusing for the announcers (and maybe the fans. I'm confused enough as it is).

You have that a little incorrect. The Cats actually gave him the option to go because thats his right as a PR player to be grabbed and thrown onto the active roster. When they asked Eddie he declined and chose to stay with the team. Thats why they moved him to the active roster.

So for the record Steele didn't go to Toronto because his own and the teams desire to keep him in the Hammer. Not just the team as you explain it.

Re: The question about Nose Guard being on a 3 man line.

In a 3 man line the Nose would be a Nose Tackle not a Nose Guard.

So a nose tackle and a nose guard are two different positions? I googled it, but I couldn't find anything authoritative. What I did find seemed to suggest that these are just two different names for the same thing.

Yes. A nose guard is more like a blocker for the other 6 in the front 7. Although a regular Defensive Tackle or Nose Tackle would have those responsibilities as well a Nose Guard does that predominantly. They would only get or go after sacks when there are no interior linemen to hold up and there is a clear lane to the QB.

The DT would help out a bit or a lot on certain plays but has more freedom vs. a standard double DT role.

Anyone pegged as a capable Nose Guard is obviously able to keep 2 men his own size at bay. Steele has a reputation for being extremely strong so that makes him a perfect candidate.

Thanks. I love learning stuff. :thup: Wish all posts were as informative.

Not necessarily some Coaches like old terms.. split end Nose Guard ect.
30 Front is really a 3-4 D
Will 40 is u guest it a 4-3
0 Coverage means no Safety back
Will Cover 1 is 1 Safety and 2 is 2 back
60 is Protection for an oline

it just words it changes with each coach ..

If I say DIg 60 X Slego seam again it just verbiage..

Hahahahaha. Onknight most of your posts are like some kind of code. I have to ad lib most of them. This one was relatively easy to decipher though. Except verbiage. I better google that word, not sure if that one scores on the scrabble board.


  • noun 1. overabundance of words