Eddie Seele signed by the Riders

According to Gary we just signed Steele. https://twitter.com/garylawless Good rotational guy at the least.

He is starter material.

Yes he probably is starter material. The plus would be to rotate him and Gaydosh if he is healthy and keep them fresh. IF Gaydosh doesn’t work out then Steele would get the nod. Beauty both being NI gives so much more flexability in the line up. IF one or the other is dominate then you could have the option of trading one and probably get a decent return.
Really not a bad situation to be in however it plays out.

Yep, they also have mrbrae as well who can rotate on both DT and DE

I thought they would look at Eli Ankou in the draft, but this may change that.

So ratio spots are at 8 now, pretty nice change

1 RB (though we will likely see some import action there as well)
3 OL, potentially 4
1 WR
1 DT (if Gaydosh is ok they could actually have 2 in sometimes)

I like the number 8, as it gives the coach options if a national goes down, and also what packages that the coaches want to use in certain situations.

What I like even more is the depth that is starting to emerge behind it all....

  • at RB they are rolling the dice a bit with LaFrance but Morris looked solid last season and while Milton hasn't done much a few people I know that are a bit more familiar with his time with the Esks are saying he seems to be no slouch and could take reps as well...they will have a Import to fall back on I imagine as well.
  • WR...yeah...not a pile of depth but how much do you need? Barring some big injuries we shouldn't see 2 on the field at the same time a lot (Kinda a Stamps model) and of what they do have I could entirely see one being trade bate....but as it stands what they have is fine between Bagg and Demski plus some other faces to compete. I am still hopeful on Stanford.
  • DL between Steele and Gaydosh they have a solid rotation and the potential to play 2 at times, Mrabure was very impressive inside for his size and runs stunts extremely well and IMO is better off the edge
  • LB Muamba is solid and and I have been nothing but impressed with Grondin. He is going to improve a lot and while he is not and may not be ready for starter reps seems like he could grow into a good rotation guy there.
  • Safety I am not 100% sold on Brouillette, but he is if nothing else a good player. With Hecht back he looked good in there last season....really don't recall a lot of issues with him in and he seemed to be a factor in shoring up the secondary so sitting fairly good there.
  • that really brings it to OL. LaBatte says he is ready to go, knock on wood. Clark is 'ok' at center but I would like to see him play OG....perhaps Guy can push him. From what I have heard on Guy he is at 100% and should be a legit contender to get on the OL...he is a good player. JSJ is supposedly having a good off-season...Jones was talking how JSJ has always had the size and natural skillset that he has never had to push himself hard enough and never been truly challenged...supposedly he has worked on conditioning really well in the offseason and dramatically improved his upper body strength...camp will tell. White, after seeing what HfxTC had to say, I pulled up some video of him and yeah...he does look pretty solid and talking to a couple people they have said the Als kinda messed up not re-signing him and that he probably should have been playing over Perrett last season....he is capable of stepping in at RT so it will be interesting to see if he or JSJ move in there at some point this season. If they go with 3 NI on the OL they are probably fine when you mix in Vonk and whomever they draft, and they might be able to go 4 but if they do they need to draft well there likely.

Lots to see when it hits the field but it is hard not to like where the national status is going compared to...well....2013 really....post 2013 too many NIs that were drafted were not retained and "seasoned import vets" got the preference while it was a fight to field 7 NIs far too often. It takes a lot to rebuild national depth but it seems to be heading in the right direction for sure.

I'm expecting Brouillette to be traded to Toronto.

Why? I highly doubt it.