Eddie Davis

Now it makes sense why he hasn't re-signed. He offically retired. I couldn't see him going anyhwere else and I couldn't see the Riders not offering him anything either.

Wow, gonna miss him!

Thanks for youe time Riderville Eddie, best wishes!


Yep, Another part of our defence is gone. Will miss you Eddie. Good luck in whatever you do and I expect that we may see you on the sidelines at some point.

I echo the above sentiments. Eddie was my favourite Rider, and he will be missed.

I do think he'd make a good coach though. . . secondary coach to start, later moving up to defensive coordinator, if he's so inclined.

So, with his retirement, any thoughts on HOF or Plaza?

I think likely on both.

I totally agree. . . but I've already declared my bias. . .

Eddie, we Rider fans have appreciated ALL your hard work and dedication over your career! Thank-you! We wish you the best in all you future endeavours.

Hopefully we see you take over the defense in a few years ??

And it is not just Rider fans who appreciated Eddie's hard work and dedication. I'm sure all true CFL fans appreciate what he brought to the table.

Eddie Davis is a Class individual both on and off the field. His leadership will be missed.

But, With a questionable pass rush, the youthful Chris McKenzie will be a solid on-field replacement.

Maybe. In the last two regular season games last season, he was torched in the first, and much better in the last. I'd probably move Frazier to the boundary side and McKenzie to the field side this year.