Eddie Davis

[url=http://communities.canada.com/reginaleaderpost/blogs/roughriders/archive/2009/09/10/kornegay-was-robbed.aspx]http://communities.canada.com/reginalea ... obbed.aspx[/url]
Eddie Davis approached a media scrum and, before we could ask any questions, wondered aloud how Roughriders linebacker Tad Kornegay could not have won the defensive player-of-the-week award — won by JuJuan Armour of the B.C. Lions.

"Nothing against JuJuan Armour, but Tad should have got that award this week,'' Davis said. "He goes out and gets two picks and a fumble recovery and five tackles? Hey, that’s my opinion, but he should have got that award.''

C'mon man -- keep that up and you'll end up playing in Calgary.

Dude's gotta tell it like it is (and how it should be.)

agreed i thought the same thing hopefully the CFL doesnt fine him

He was right. When I saw Armour got it, I was seriously wondering how the hell that happened.

Didn't Tad get a sack also, to go along with those stats?

I think he did actually. Oh well i guess its not about who wins the finest player awards its about who gets the W and ultimately the cup