Eddie Davis looks like he wants to go home

Well recently we have witnessed the coach go home to Mississippi with the blessing of the prider faithful.
What happens when Eddie Davis goes home to Calgary and possibly signs with the stamps. On a radio show in Saskatoon (tune town) Davis stated he was happy for his coach going home and he wants to do the same. He makes Calgary home! What are your thoughts?

[b]Recap by Charlie Horse at GSG


  • ED and Tillman are far apart on his contract

  • He wants money, wants to be paid a top 5 DB salary

  • He wants to be able to see his family in Calgary during the season.

  • Says he has some years left in him.[/b]


[url=http://ondemand.rawlco.com/drew-remenda-sports-show/20080116/2012-drew-remenda-sports-show-january-16th-hr-2]http://ondemand.rawlco.com/drew-remenda ... -16th-hr-2[/url]

Thoughts are this isnt a big suprise.

Yup good chance Eddie D will be back home in red. But you never know in his case money will talk. By the way Jman did he make any promises I just want to know so that I can hope to see Eddie Su-cks Tshirts at the games.

There will never ever be Eddie sucks shirts worn here in Sask. Eddie Davis is the definition of class. If he leaves, and it is a big if, I will wish him all the best and thank him for all the heart and determination he has given us through the years.
But I have heard that he is close to signing, so I don't think I will have to be saying that. I wouldn't blame him for leaving at all, as him and his family do live in Calgary.

Quit trying to stir stuff up.

Actually I am glad to hear that. Good reply there Billy.

Why would there be any T-Shirts like that?

There will be no "Davis s.ucks" t-shirts if he signs with Calgary.
If he signs with Calgary, the reasons will be honest and straight forward. Money. Family.
He won't concoct a myriad of half-truths and outright lies to explain his departure.
Eddie Davis has been nothing but a class act since he arrived in Riderville.
I hope we re-sign him. And I'll be very dissappointed if we don't.
But there will be very little, if any, acrimony from Rider fans if he goes.

well I hope Davis stays.. but if he goes, we'll have a difficult time replacing him.

Eddie Davis > Dave Dickenson

Even RLR likely agrees now....