Eddie Davis injured??

I heard from a fried over the phone that Eddie Davis' injury in Edmonton is gonna leave him off the field for 4 weeks (even though he returned in the second half). I can't find any other sources to confirm this. Please say it aint so! Any one heard anything else?

He's been placed on the nine game list, but could be back earlier. I've heard out four, for sure.

DAMNIT!!!! :x We need him. He's the best shutdown corner in the league. Son of a.......

He was carrying that shoulder pretty low when he came off the field... That kind of injury can re-occur if he doesn't take enough time.

Kent said hes gonna be out for the full 9 :?

He's a halfback but I agree with the best shut down part :slight_smile:

Wow, thats gotta hurt. He was a pretty steady DB for you guys!

Oh, yeah my bad. :oops:

Originally they thought he was done for the season, so suddenly, 9 weeks seems good.

You have no idea.

Who do folks think will be his replacement? Lukas, Kornegay, or Frazier?

Excuse my ignorance, but can you explain where a halfback on defence lines up. I am a tad confused.

Beside the corners. It goes, from left to right: Corner,Halfback,Safety,Halfback,Corner.

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