Ed Phillion calls it a career!

He was interviewed on CFCF this evening and said he is retiring. :frowning:

this is old news... who's our dirtiest player now? I sure loved to see I'm take out Damon Allen of the games at Percival. I think I even heard his knee crack!!!! good stuff

How is it old news when he announced it yesterday?

I heard rumors a while ago but I guess now it is confirmed. I know many people hated him but truth is, everyone would love to have a guy like that on their team.

You got that right, Fox. He was the Claude Lemieux of the CFL

Hey, as long as Philion's name is still listed on the Als' official roster, I'm holding out hope he'll be with the team.

Its like I originally said.
He was on the sports news saying its over!

You are right Crimson, Love him when he wears your teams colours, hate him when he's on the opposition.

I think I heard Dave Dickenson breath a sigh of releif!