Ed Philion retires ...

... And quarterbacks (and their knees) in seven cities quietly celebrate.

Best of luck to the CFL's version of Claude Lemieux. You'd love to have him on your team but would hate to have to play against him.

Nice to see he can walk away from the game on his own terms. Now as for the quarterbacks he has hit in the past, I don't know if they are able to say the same thing ...

  • paul

One of the Dirties Players ever in CFL ..
Hangs it up ..
He was a throw back in Mosca Era.
Good Luck To Him

Ed’s nothing but a goon. I have no respect for him.

Very big shoes to fill for the Als, he was not only a good player that any other team would have jump to have but he was a leader on their defence.

If he was a black guy you'd all be saying he is a big roid raged thug and the worst guy to ever walk the earth lol, but because he is white he is instead labeled a great teammate, leader the type of guy every team needs. That's all comple b.s, the league can do without guys like him.

This is as ignorant as it comes. Not one single person has said anything about black or white. To just throw out the black/white argument is just stupid and sadly, further propagates racism within society by desperatly searching for it anywhere you can find.

I think Ed Philion is possibly the dirtiest player in, or out, of football. He's a cheapshot artist who has intentionally tried to injure quarterbacks. He tackles at the knees and blatently broke Damon Allens leg in the playoffs a number of years ago. Nevermind the litany of other attempts to injure throughout his career. Dirty play transcends race

I wouldn't want him on the Tiger-cats for any reason at any price and I'm happy to see that he is gone from this league.

He is one of the greatest d linemen ever. Why would anyone say he was a dirty player? The only thing he ever did was work hard on every play. :lol: