Ed Hervey

What has the reception been like with fans and media about the first month of Hervey's tenure?
And why did they make a change dismissing Nelson as DC? I thought he was doing a good job in that role.

Not much info in articles about coach Nelson from DC to Line backer coach. My take on it; Stubler made his switch to B.C. [ on short notice perhaps ] which opened a door for Nelson to have a go at DC, and did a good job at it IMO. Mark Nelson’s specialty is coaching the LB and the only thing I can think of is the Esks put him there knowing that coach Marshall [ I believe there could have been an agreement in the works during the 2012 season ] would be available to accept the Eskies DC job for the 2013 season. Greg Marshall was employed in 2012 by the Western Mustangs as their Head Coach and Offensive Co-ordinator.

Not the same Greg Marshall. The Western (and former Hamilton HC) Greg Marshall and new Esk DC (and former Sask HC) Greg Marshall are two different people.

Thanks for pointing that out [ I wasn't aware of that ] and I stand corrected. However, there is a page that I just found a few moments ago on the careers of the 2 different Greg Marshall's. On that note; the 2 of them almost do look alike; had me fooled :oops:

Not a big fan of this signing at all--

Its clear that HERVEY has no connections as a GM--

He retained perhaps the worst coach in KAVIS REED--- Lets be realistic here- KAVIS REED is not in the league of Huffnagel, Chamblin, Milanovich.

Ive noticed Edmonton has brought in no good receivers, no good defensive players-

You are going to see that ED HERVEY has no clue what he is doing-- I get the feeling and with the circus coach in REED with his emotional moody rants EDMONTON is not going anywhere--

Of course HERVEY brings in GREG MARSHALL as D coordinator- The whole league knows Marshalls defense, its horrible--

HERVEY will bring in castoffs from other teams and does not know the CFL enough to be GM-

HERVEY I think will be like WInnipeg, he will slowly destroy the team with questionable decisions and poor talent evaluation-

HERVEy so far-- Failed to fix the O LIne-- didnt bring in any recievers-- Has extended KAVIS REED_ Hired GreG Marshall-

Not sold on HERVEY

You really think Hervey was going to solve our Oline problems in his first year? You are delusional. Give him a few years, or legitimately name someone better than him to take over as GM. :roll:

I'm not convinced Kris Sweet is going to help OL woes.

Dear Mr. Hervey,

Thanks for screwing up the rest of an already bad season and painting yourself as a guy no one would want to work for. In one fell swoop you told all your coaches you don't trust them and told your players they are responsible for coaching others.
In the case of the lineman you embarrassed and who even if he comes off the bench will never play for you again, it wasn't him. Perhaps you should have watched TSN's half time show and seen the number of blocks a running back who was obviously not ready to play missed. Rottier is capable but asking him to pick up two blocks at the same time is a little much. The fact you think what you do about him is sad. You know you are bad when a TV annalist knows more about your O line performance than you coaches.

As for coaches - we are now doomed. Who would want to come coach for you and get emasculated on TV and the web and have you do their job while they stand and watch. You hired the guy. If he is incapable of doing his job then replace him - don't do this.

Last but not least, you hired most of these guys to play for you and now a team that needs help (that's your job) gets publicly run over by you.

I will give you a hint though, your business needs to be done in your office - behind closed doors - just like the coach and GM who put together 5 strait cup winning teams, not in public.

Good post. Reed needs to be replaced, not neutered. The Eskimos need to play McCarty more as he provides better pass protection. Blaming the O-line is too simple, the backs need to do their part.

It was Hervey who dumped Mark Nelson after putting together arguably the best defence in the CFL last season. Look at what he is doing in Montreal now.

What were his qualifications for GM? If I was a free agent player I wouldn't even consider playing for this character. He should be told to PUBLICLY apologize to Rottier or be shown the door himself.
"Praise in public; criticize in private." This is a quote from Vince Lombardi, a guy who probably forgot a heckuva lot more about football than Hervey will ever know.

That's a terrific post, squishy. I concur 100%.

Hope you actually sent that letter to the team.

I always liked Ed Hervey the player. Thought he was a class act. As a GM, however, he's no class act, and that's a shame.

I agree with you as well . My hope is they rally as a team and try to show Hervey he's wrong. Nothing like getting called out on the carpet made to look like a fool, maybe we'll even get a I'll show you attitude . But I think that may work short term but Hervey may have put a big nail in his own coffin.

sometimes GMs and Coaches feel the need to make that big public burst as an effort to light a fire. We see this yearly by brass in some league. This is most effectively done by more mild mannered persons such as Hervey as opposed to normally vocal guys, as it more or less just rolls off of people if they are already really vocal. You can bet your last dollar people are scared for their jobs right now...if they all of the sudden pull off a string of wins, this will be looked back to as a turning point.

All of that said, I believe he went either too far, or not far enough. Calling out coaches is fine...he is their immediate boss. He is not the immediate boss of the players though. IF he was going to call out players, it had to be wider spread, not one specific name, and it had to include captains.

I can understand his frustration after Reed attempted a similar thing with his infamous 'consequences' speech, which was followed by, well, none.

I also agree with previous posts...what has he done over the course of the season to address holes? Perhaps he and the coaching staff said no, lets grow into it. If that was the case, he had no place snapping.

I am not a fan of this type of management, just saying.

I'm not a fan of that style either but maybe Rottier was being a cancer in the room, unless your on the team we fans will never know .

Cancer or not, still not a great way to deal with it. i don't believe that was the case either...it seemed rather clear it was based on his sub-par play.

It shows how desperate Hervey is whats that saying desperate times leads to desperate measures.

Panic is not any help.

Cheering your boys on and showing confidence in your players and coaches is what you need to do in public.

If you think you have problems quietly call whoever you need to in to your office and straiten things out. One thing I for sure learned from my boss is that is how you fix problems and inspire confidence.

Embarrassing and emasculating someone in public makes you enemies.

When your team is 1 and 8 the last thing you need is enemies among players and coaches.

How right you are, on all counts.

I rather liked the Panel's discussion on the situation. It was a good look from different angles of it all. As many have alluded, this could be a GM drawing the attention from the players and giving them something to unite over. He picked the most experienced guy and attacked him. As I have said before...still not sure I agree with the tactic (we see it lots though), but I get what he is attempting...shame it is the GM that has to do it and not the coach though.

I have said this before, I say it again...the Esks have a young but promising OL...Sweet is the wrong guy to coach them. I don't even half mind Kavis as a coach (less by the week though), but overall, his supporting cast is not great.

My reading of this is that right now, Hervey's neck is in the noose. At the moment, the way we are playing the noose is getting tighter.