Ed Hervey upset about large amount of flags this year(art.)

Hervey challenges CFL to stop flag parade
The Edmonton Journal
Wed 26 Jul 2006
Page: D3
Section: Sports
Byline: Vicki Hall
Dateline: EDMONTON
Source: The Edmonton Journal

EDMONTON - Ed Hervey believes he's found a cure for insomnia: Watch a CFL game dominated by the men in black and white throwing fluorescent orange flags.

The Edmonton Eskimos receiver raged over the radio about the increase in flags after a 25-22 loss last week to the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

He ramped up his attack on Tuesday and challenged George Black, the CFL's director of officiating, to cut down on the flags before fans turn over their television sets and stop going to games all together.

"Be upset if you want," he said. "The head of officials can make all the politically-correct comments that he wants, but it's ridiculous.

"I watched the Montreal-Winnipeg game a few weeks ago, and I fell asleep. That's the first CFL game where I've fallen asleep in a long time. And it's even worse when you're playing in one with no flow. I mean, there's a flag on the ground every time."

SHORT YARDAGE: Both slotback Derrell (Mookie) Mitchell (hamstring) and middle linebacker A.J. Gass (hamstring) practised on Tuesday. Head coach Danny Maciocia is hopeful both will play Friday against the Montreal Alouettes.

Ed Hervey: you are my hero.

Hervey's always been a whiner

LOL.....wanna hear whiner go into the sask forum and here them whine over the lineman getting fined.

he is right. Imagine a flag on the Stegall TD play.

Hervey is a whiner. With the amount penalties the Eskimos take, they have no one to blame but themselves for their poor discipline. You take that many penalties, you're the problem, not the officials. If you want to reduce the number of flags thrown, stop going offside. Stop taking procedure penalties. Stop mugging receivers. Stop hitting the quarterback late. Stop holding defensive ends. In short, START PLAYING LIKE PROFESSIONALS.

Its always the cops fault when ya get a speeding ticket! :roll:

And if you ask me.......There are more complaints here about non-calls

Hervey is not a whiner. He's not trying to make excuses for the large amount of eskimos penalties. Did you even read the article? He says league-wide, there have been too many flags this year, and it is slowing down the pace of most of the games this year. Who wouldn't agree to that?

Hervey wouldn't be saying a dang thing if his team weren't the most penalized team in the league, widespread problem or not.