Ed Hervey new BC GM...would he trade for Collaros, or Manziel's rights?

Tillman like to do deals with GM's he has worked with in the past (ex. Chick and Gable traded to Edmonton this year maybe due to Tillman working with Edmonton's current GM on the same staff...Ottawa?...in the past).

If I remember correctly, I think there is also an Edmonton connection with Tillman and Hervey.

So does Hervey's appointment in BC make a deal shipping Collaros or Manziel's rights out west more probable?

I think so. I'm not sure the Lions are happy with Jennings after last season, and Lulay is banged up.

I think BC, MTL, TOR and possibly OTT will have serious interest in Zach

I could add SSK to your list

It's too bad we did not snap up Ed Harvey. The man won a cup in 3 years as Esks gm. They fired him for stupid reasons.
As for qb, I think they may try to work with Jennings in 2018. Can' t see Manziel going there, Zach is more likely to be an Argo.

If KA deals him anywhere in the east he needs his head checked and be give concussion protocol. I would not put it past him or this organization tho.

Johnny Football signing in BC would sell tickets in that market!

Johnny Football would sell tickets anywhere!

If he lost 8 in a row with the Argos this year we might have won the grey cup

I’m really not sure why people think anyone is going to trade for Collaros at 540k per year.

Again, unless Zach agrees to restructure and take a pay cut with the team we’re trading him to he’s going to get released.

And why would he agree to a restructure with a team when he can become a free agent and negotiate with multiple?

The only team that Zac should play for in 2018, is us.

Finally someone I agree with.

The stupid reasons were he couldn't get along with anyone. QUOTE:
He hadn’t been on speaking terms with vice-president of communications Allan Watt. His relationship with coach Kavis Reed quickly soured, although both men played the public-relations game well. His relationship with Chris Jones became so distant that the former Eskimos head coach told his assistant coaches to avoid talking to the GM at all costs. And, as strained as all of those relationships were, if possible, Hervey’s relationships with Rhodes and CFL Commissioner Jeffrey Orridge became even worse.
It was the worst kept secret around Commonwealth Stadium that Hervey had told Rhodes to “butt out? of football operations. And he used much stronger words in a heated exchanged with the commissioner over last year’s live mic fiasco. It wasn’t the only time Hervey argued defiantly with those in the CFL office, either.
It seemed like Hervey felt the Eskimos were his kingdom. He acted bulletproof and took a ‘Do You Know Who I Am?’ approach to anyone who challenged him, including the commissioner.
The list of people with whom Hervey had such conflict seemed longer than his list of on-field victories, including league bosses, club bosses, players who balked at taking pay cuts and even TSN — the CFL’s lifeblood television partner.
In 4 years Hervey didn't draft a single Canadian starter.Hervey often took credit for scouting done by now interim GM Paul Jones.
traded Jerome Messam for a 6th round pick.
He obviously did some good in his time in Edm but was he so good that he is worth all the conflict?
We will see.

Hervey has stated he hates Tillman. Replaced him as Esks GM. Maybe our GM Tillman can do Hervey a favor to get back in the good graces and trade him Zach Collaros??

I agree 100%

Wally Buono is no soft touch.

Can't see Ed playing those games around him

I've said this many times too in different threads. If he had a strong offensive line like Masoli did the second half of the season, Zach would perform better than JM.

Zack does not have any running ability that is needed to keep the defence honest. Hervey can initiate a trade, however it is highly unlikely considering someone mentioned he does not get along with Tillman. There is a reason Zack stood on the sidelines for the second half of the season.

I agree 100% with you. It's too bad that only a few can see this. Wait until they trade or release
him and see what a mess we will be in.

Agreed with all above. He needs a shot.

That said, sometimes people really do need a change of scenery. I have no doubt that if he ends up on another team, he'll light it up. People will claim we should have kept him, but if that does happen, it's no guarantee that it would have happened here.

That's why we need to try him out. He should start in preseason if he's still here.

3 of the 5 OLineman in the middle were the same all season. Xavier Fulton was at one tackle spot to start the season. Not bad. The OLine started to look better when the QB was not predictably always in the same spot in the pocket. DLines could no longer just pin their ears back when Masoli was under centre.