Ed Gant injury

Any news on Ed Gant;s injury . it looked like an ankle sprain during the game ?

He was on crutches at one point during the 4th quarter.

Foot or ankle injury? I saw him on crutches at the game as well in the 4th quarter walking around? Good player, made some nice catches hope he gets well soon!

I'm no expert, but, it looked to me to be ligaments (stretched or pulled). If I am right does that get me a job on the team's training staff?

:P :P

If Gant can't go against the Greenies,lets hope that Jones is healthy and ready to go,were getting a tad thin at the reciever spot,not sure but I don't think we have any listed on P.R. If Jones can't go were down to just 5 recievers!!(OUCH). :cry:

Ouslet Volcy is still around.

There's also some guy Williams, Chris ?



Any word if Fantuz will be back in the lineup?

Forgot about him,thought he was brought in mainly as a kick-return specialist.