Ed Gainey was robbed...

He should have been special teams player of the week with a blocked punt and 3 st tackles. Sanders had a good game but was not the impact player Gainey was. I guess EG is satisfied without collecting accolades though (unless there was bonus money in his contract for PotW honours).

[url=http://cfl.ca/article/white-runs-away-with-player-of-the-week-honour]http://cfl.ca/article/white-runs-away-w ... eek-honour[/url] :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

Well, the guy did have a game-high 23-yard punt return.

Seriously, they should rename this the "Returner (and occasionally field goal kicker) of the week award", since they have effectively declared that no other special teams players are eligible. You can't win for punting, as proved when Waters was overlooked after the best punting performance the league has seen in many years in the game against us.

And apparently tackling the returners and blocking a punt (which happens just a handful of times in an entire season) do not stack up against a slightly above average day of returns.

Now had Gainey taken that blocked punt to the house, he would have been noticed more! A bit disappointed but we really can't complain since we've had four players (2 defense, 1 offense and STs each) recognized in the past two weeks.

A couple of years ago they used to give a runner up for most choices, unless it was a unanimous choice (which would be noted) and fans could at least see which other players were considered. I wish that they would return to doing that again.

Total rip off, but I'm not surprised. He worked his butt off and not only did he not get POW but he didn't even make the plays of the week with that block. Joke

Whew! I read the thread title and thought the City of Hamilton was going to be dragged through the mud again over a story of one of our players being burglarized. Sort of like the story where one of the Bulldogs players apparently trashed the city in the Swedish press.

[url=http://www.thespec.com/sports-story/4888958--they-shoot-people-for-100-bulldog-denies-jab-at-hamilton/]http://www.thespec.com/sports-story/488 ... -hamilton/[/url]

Plays of the week were more skewed than usual towards defensive plays - which makes sense given the dominance of D over O in all of the games. Regardless ... hard hits happen several times a week, while blocked punts are more of a monthly occurrence, so you'd think they deserve some recognition.

Here's one from the category of "Useless facts forever stuck in my head even though important new facts have a harder time sticking at all." I seem to recall that Mark Streeter's punt block in the 1986 Grey Cup was deemed to be the Play of the Year.

Pat I tend to choose my titles the same way tabloids do in order to peak interest in the casual reader. It is not my intent to mislead, it is rather to encourage readership. Since you read my post..... :lol:

I agree that Gainey got robbed but I think that we should all send a nice big Thank You card to Montreal for cutting him,because he looks a lot better in black and gold than in red,blue and white. Gainey has fit in here rather nicely and has been a huge addition to this team,since being activated off of the PR. :smiley: :thup:

Gainey has always been a good ST player, even in Montreal. But he was beaten in camp for the field corner position by Chris Smith. I'm glad to see Gainey doing well in Hamilton.

Edit: Reinebold probably recommended signing him, given that he was our DC in 2012 and Gainey was on our roster then.