Economic impact of 100th G.C

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[b]TORONTO -- During a special presentation today to the City of Toronto's Economic Development Committee, Toronto Argonauts and 100th Grey Cup Festival Executive Chairman & CEO, Chris Rudge, officially unveiled the results of the Economic Impact Assessment conducted for the event.

The total economic activity generated by the 100th Grey Cup was more than $133.1 million throughout the province, with $94.7 million occurring in Toronto. These expenditures supported $38.4 million in wages and salaries throughout the province, and supported 795 jobs, of which 596 - including $26.6 million in wages and salaries - occurred in Toronto. [/b]

Tne No Funners and wannabe World Classers will be in denail.

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they won't bother denying it. the story won't see any air-time or ink in Toronto.

Agree, I will be surprised to see any real meaningful news related to this at least from certain media, no question.

I'm sure this will come as a surprise to the Rogers Sportsnet haters, but they had the story on the front page of their website, right at the top, and TSN did not.

Should at least give credit where it is due.

Though, im sure Earl and a few others will find a way to spin it into a conspiracy or something to do with toilet bowls.

Didn't know that brad, I don't go to the Sportsnet website much nor their channels but kudos to them for mentioning this. :thup:

Not much I can do about the RC though, it's still a toilet bowl design now that you mention this again. Round is round. :wink:

Rogers by now surely realizes that they made a mistake when it came to support of the CFL and Canadian Football in general. They surely are not stupid and know that there is some money to be made and have made their commitment to the CIS for every sport but football is the main as they very well know by know.
Contrary to some popular belief Rogers Corp wants the Argos at RC giving them Publicity everytime a game is shown on the oppositions Network from Rogers Center. Now the Blue Jays baseball division of Rogers May want them out and grass in the RC but when it comes down to it it will not be the Blue Jays who make that call.
Rogers and the city of Toronto are no dummies and they know that a Grey Cup in Toronto means $$$ for the GTA and Rogers. as for know being one of only two retractable roof Modern built stadiums in Canada they will bid on Grey Cups and will get as many as they can for sure. With the left coast BC doing the same. 3 of the 4 grey cups will be held in these two venues and the owner who has suffered and hung in to keep the Argos alive in owning two clubs is now being repaid for his efforts.
No conspiracy but more or less probably embarsement that drives the Rogers run media to have taken there shots and have ignored the Argos for all of these years. Times have a changed and the CFL games even the argos yes avg a cool 700K plus in TV audience which has brought on more league and corporate sponsors over the years and TSN has smartly rewarded the CFL with a nice TV deal.
The CFL may be losing two of their bigger corporate sponsors but there will be others taking there place.

As I have said many times out with the old thoughts that the CFL cant do it and in with the new that they can are and will continue to be successful, It will take time for some and a long time for others to move on to the modern thinking CFL now.
Pigskin football is the most popular sport in North America. With the CFL being its own league from it own country the popularity for football has certainly crossed over the border and football fans want to see there home city and countries league as is evident by the larger CFL TV ratings over the below border US NFL TV ratings in Canada.

Well said steve, gridiron continues to be a big sport in NA, when a high school in Texas can build a 18,000 seater (see Ticats board) that looks like a nice stadium, wow! And while not CFL caps, I see kids wearing a lot more NFL caps then NHL hats here in Hamilton.

As football fans, the more popular football is anywhere, the better, this helps drive more players to play here in Canada. Even if the NFL is their first choice for money (mine too!), the CFL is an excellent place to play if the NFL isn't quite there for them after college or amateur.

Agreed Earl, only need to look at the quality and quantity of players in the CFL Draft (even adding a round) as well as those been signed by NFL teams. That's the proof right there.

It would be interesting to see the impact on the CFL these drafted players from the last 2-3 years make if they can turn into regular CFL players. Look at how popular Stala is (at least in Hamilton).

No suprise here as the Sun is awesome in Toronto for covering the Argos and CFL, this story made it in the news portion today on page 14.

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I wonder what was the economic impact for Moncton for the TD Atlantic one and TD Atlantic 2.
While awaiting the expansion and the state of the Argos stadium situation would it be worth it to both the City of Moncton and the Argos worth their while financially to play one game a year there similar to how the Bills are paid by Rogers to bring a game to RC.
If Moncton were to generate a big economic impact each year for the game and pay the Argos more than what they would make on a regular home game in at Rogers Centre than it may be in the best interest of all for the Argos to sign on for a series of games there once a year.
Montreal being the opponent would make sense being the closest as Alouettes fans would also make the annual trip.
It appears to be a game that everyone enjoys going to and if the economic impact is big enough then the local Sponsors of the game would also be in for a yearly event.
with Ottawa coming back they could also be a good opponent for the Argos in Moncton.
I cannot see Hamilton wanting to do it anymore with the new stadium to draw more fans with the new stadium impact.