Economic Benefits of the Tiger Cats

Yup Ockham. Maybe if Bob gets a position there, he can design a computer controlled beaming device that will penetrate certain councillors minds and the Mayor and activate some smart cells in there that have been dormant for quite some time, if there are any to begin with that is.

This guy spoke at Council the other day. He's a day late and dollar short on his utopian pipe dream of a stadium at the Rheem Factory site curing all of Hamilton's social problems. He owns a little artsy shop on Upper James.

Hey, if it makes him feel good upstairs to write whatever, I'm for it, I'm sure he's a wonderful person and wish the best upon him mental health wise. :wink:

Reason I say that if he gets outraged at a report like this, he actually might need a bit of help so to speak. :wink:

I don't see any absolute truths here. It's like the court case where both sides can drum up armies of "experts" to support their arguments. When I read the report, I thought they used the most optimistic scenarios and estimates. They could just as easily have used more conservative estimates and come up with a lower figure for revenues. Both methods would have been just as valid and "honest".

$1.4 billion? Maybe. Maybe not.

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But you're not outraged are you Barney? :wink:

If this report is false or exaggerated or in fact a pack of lies then someone best explain to me the reasons why Bob Young would hire a firm, then disclose his business numbers to this firm and then print and release the report to the public. Does any one truly believe for a minute that if questioned Bob Young would not have the ability the back up these claims?

You know if I was a councilor or city staff I would take this report and call Bob Young out to explain more about it, I would offer to enter a firm binding partnership with the man based upon the numbers generated and reported. I would request that his abilities be used in finding a solution through finance options combining the strenght of City and private business.

I would forge ahead at Longwood and I would introduce MIP and the IT expertise that has been Bob Youngs success, and I would suggest that the lands currently owned by McMaster for the Innovation Park be expanded accross the road to include in name only (no cost to McMaster) resulting in a name such as whatever_ Stadium at McMaster Innovation Park.

The report is a collection of blilliant thoughts past experiences and future plans, it contains allot of what ifs, and some maybes too. But without risk without imagination and without the investment coming forth from governments as well as the private sector all that we will have is empty hopes and long drawn out studies without results.

This report simply says its time to take a chance to imagine the possibilities and to finally do something that maybe just maybe will mirror the 1.7 billion dollars of economic impact as stated in the report.

It can be said that sports teams cost tax payers, it can be said the TiCats dont have enough fan support,
but what cant be said is that we tried. At least not yet.

The City should partner with and challenge Bob Young to fullfill these numbers 1.7 billion with all the help support and cooperation they can.

You should post that justafan on RTH. Mind you, you will most likely get lots of voted down votes though. :slight_smile:

Hosting Grey Cups multiple times each decade (which would happen here with a new stadium) would, just by itself, bring millions of dollars into Hamilton's economy.

Probably over 80 million dollars would be injected into the region for each Grey Cup. That's money that would not be coming otherwise.

Hosting Grey Cups have not been money-makers here in Hamilton. Just thinking about the abysmal failure of the 1996 Grey Cup in Hamilton ticks me off to no end. I still swear to this day that some person or group of people pocketed the profits from that Grey Cup and its week-long festivities and ran off with it. There's no way that Grey Cup should have failed the way it did financially. I was at the festivities that year. The hotels were all full and buzzing with people, as well as the beer tents where the music bands were performing. They simply had to be making money! Very scandalous, indeed! My feeling about future Grey Cups and the future economic impact of the Ticats in Hamilton are the same... I will need to wait and see it before I'll believe it.

1996 was an abysmal failure, as I understood it was the City that fronted the bid that year. They paid the CFL 3 plus million or so for the rights and it was up to them to make a profit. I thought ticket sales about 30000 paid 8000 free was enough to break even and the non football event tickets should have turned the profit. I think what happened was each events revnues were dealt with seperately or sold off by the city to others to run. Ie the beer tents, events at Copps, the city took a payment and someone else ran the event.
Make no mistake about it there was plenty of economic impact in 1996. The problem was the City fronted the bid and never allowed itself to recover that cost. Therefore the lose. Just my thought no real facts involved but I sure do remember the crys about losing money.

Todays Grey Cup rights are sold to team owners and theres no way a City could lose on a Grey Cup unless they finance the bid. Bob Young has already agreed to fund the Grey Cuy bids.

Of course with no new stadium that can be expanded for a GC, it's all a moot point, Hamilton will never host a GC again should this end up being the case.

Without a new financially viable stadium there soon won't be a Hamilton Tiger Cats anyway. This point seems lost on the West Harbourites.

1.4 Billion? I have my doubts to that amount of impact, unless this report is also taken some credit for stadium construction itself and the pan-ams. If we are talking about just the Cats, a possible NASL franchise over 10 years, I'd ballpark it probably closer to the 700-900 million range at most. That being said, I doubt even more then $200-400 million figure I think RTH put forth, or that other expert from Mac did.

Given that the chamber of commerce worked it out that a Ti-Cat game in the WH would generate about $4.1 in impact, and indeed was one of the arguments for the WH, ten games a season, ten years. 4.1x10x10 equals 410 million. It probably won't be as much at Longwood, but lets assume that it somehow works out. Add a soccer franchise, which I'd assume did half as well as the cats, (not unreasonable given it's a brand new team, in an untested market, in a league that many don't feel is as good as MLS) that's another 200 or so. Add two Grey Cups, lets say they bring in 100 a piece, that's still short of 1 Billion, yet alone nearly a Billion and a half.

Basically, the impact is better then the detractors are claiming, but I don't think it's as good as this report is claiming, unless it's taking credit stadium work and pan-am impact.

The truth is often in the middle.

No Tiger Cats = No Pan Am Stadium