Ebell out for the season

[b]Argos RB Ebell out for season with Achilles tendon injury[/b]

Tyler Ebell's season with the Toronto Argonauts has ended before it officially began.

Argos head coach Rich Stubler said Thursday that Ebell will undergo surgery for a season-ending ruptured left Achilles tendon. The sophomore running back, acquired from Edmonton in the off-season to solidify Toronto's running game, suffered the injury during a workout on Wednesday morning.

The Argos sent cornerback Jordan Younger to Edmonton for Ebell and receiver T.J. Acree. Ebell, who ran for 650 yards as a rookie with Edmonton, was projected to be Toronto's starting tailback this season.

Ebell's injury leaves the Argos with Canadians Jeff Johnson and Andre Durie as well as veteran Dominique Dorsey in the backfield. However, Stubler said Toronto was close to making a deal with another CFL team for a running back.


He battled some injuries last season... and now he's out for the season before it even starts? I guess it's a good thing we traded him...? :expressionless:

Timing is everything Chief!

Wonder who the other team is? BC has some depth with Ian Smart, Wpg. has a solid prospect with Reid, and the Riders have an ex-NFL'er (which is like crack cocaine to the Argos) in Griffin. No one else has a whole bunch of depth at the position, do they?

It was the Riders. The Argos just acquired Jamal Robertson for Leron Mitchell.

The TSN article above also said.

"A league source requesting anonymity said the Argos
and Saskatchewan Roughriders have agreed on a deal

that would see running back Jamal Robertson
head to Toronto but that the final paperwork
wouldn't be completed until later in the day.

What the Riders would get in return wasn't clear."

The talk about Canadian Jeff Johnson being worthy
of starting in the backfield is apparently all talk.

Too bad.

What position does Mitchell play?


btw, many at training Camp thought that Robertson was playing well.

I don't know why the Argos don't give the rock to Johnson as a first stringer? Who knows.

Did someone say where are Robert Edwards and John Avery?

Probably both on the other side of that hill over yonder.

Too bad about Ebell, that's a nasty injury.


An achilles is sometimes worse than an ACL tear nowadays.