Ebell, Jamal Johnson find new homes

The Tiger-Cats have signed LB Jamall Johnson -- who was #1 on the Lions LB shopping list before Hunt and Armour.
The Lions have signed RB Tyler Ebell -- with a dismal performance in Sask, and an injury to Ian Smart.

Ebell will just be in a back-up role until smart comes back, that Martell Mallet didnt look bad and had a few good blocks in pass protection,

Really? I thought their running game looked stagnant. But then with the way their O-Line was playing, they probably didn't open many holes. Maybe that's why their running game looked ordinary. Either way, not a bad pick up for the Lions.

When Mallet got the ball, he did pretty good and looked very impressive in the preseason. Still, there’s no way the Lions will have the running game they did last year.