Ebell Activated / Who Sits?

The Depth Chart indicates that RB Tyler Ebell will play his first game as a Ti-Cat as a returner and back-up to Cobb. To accomodate that move, either James or Rodriguez will be the third import (in addition to Gordon & Murphy) put on the
Reserve List and not dress. Rodriguez is shown as the backup and, unless the coach is hiding a secret with a deceptive chart, he's the one who'll sit. Looking forward to seeing what Ebell can contribute.

why does it say arland bruce as the third wr on the depth chart?

It always says that, odd as it is given that he's usually in the slot. . . but they always list him as 3rd at wideout. . .

Four guys on the depth chart won't run out of the tunnel tomorrow. I do like the idea of having a viable backup for Cobb...just in case. James could be on the bubble if the ratio is tight otherwise I'd see Carter taking the day off or one of the full backs.

Since Stala, Bauman and Grant are all likely to play - I'd say Matt Carter sitting is much more likely then STers like Sadeghian and Pavlovic

No ONe sits we gonna pound the BALL like no Tammaraaaaaaaaaa.....

Rotate with Cobb and Ebell create some play action early and often BooM goes the dynamite and Book the Train Baby ...

The posted 46-man line-up comprises 22 Imports, 21 Non-Imports and 3 QB's, so 3 of the 4 going to the Reserve List must be Imports (Gordon, Murphy +1 more) and the other will be Gagne-Marcoux.

Unless they'd prefer to have 2 reserve O-Lineman in a playoff game (remember Argos vs. Eskimos this season - Ramsay and Keeping out on the same play) rather than a fourth NI receiver (Carter)

James will sit.

I've got a feeling Rodriguez is going to sit. I don't think his knee is holding up all that well to be effective. If he can't contribute at 100%, then I'd rather have Ebell in there for kick returns and a fill in when necessary for Cobb. Either way, I trust MB will make the right decision.

I think your right. there were reports this week that Rodriguez wasn't looking very good in practice.