Eating in other people's garbage

It time for teams to cut a quite massive amount of players. Is there anyone here who expects its team to collect other team’s freshly cut players?

  • The Stampeders pick-uped Stéphane Fortin from Montreal’s leftovers.
  • The Renegades grabbed Darnell Kennedy when Calgary got rid of him.

Who else? Do you regard anyone as needed by your team? How about Fred Talley, that rocket-speed HB Montreal just cut?

As an Als fan, I’d be looking for freshly cut QB. Shall Winnipeg make the mistake of leaving that Russ Michna guy on the practice roster, I’d expect my GM to give him a phone call.

The rule about practice roster players is you can only take them if youre gonna play them

Yes but I dont think they have to be first string but I could be wrong

My understanding is that they just have to participate in the first game, or they revert back to their old team’s practice roster. You could technically put a QB in for one play some time in the third quarter if you want, and that would fulfill the requirement.

I imagine a lot of people would be pretty ticked off, though; but hey, that’s the rules.

T&T, how do you get to know all these players?

I’m football hungry. I try to learn as much as possible about other team’s players, because you can’t properly tell how good is your own team if you don’t know what exists elsewhere. Not to mention, the CFL is such a small league that any player can eventually end up on your team. Better read about them as soon as you can.

And finally, I may be an Als fan, but I’m first and foremost a CFL fan.


How about Scott Mennie? :smiley:

Johnny Scott (DE) just arrived in Ottawa and was just on the radio. Sounds like a good one.

Michna, Wynn, Martin…the horizon is lookin mighty fine…

Now, If we could only get rid of Glenn…

I don’t think Wpg is going to leave someone like Michna out in the open to be picked up. Kinda surprised they cut Townes. Word is he had a hell of a training camp.

I’d pick up Glenn as a back-up in Montreal… I’d pick any of your four QBs to back AC…

we can’t keep em all, although alot of Bomber fans would like to…if anyone is on the bubble it could be Glenn. Who have you got on the block in Mont. Third… :?:

Autry Denson? :lol:

Seriously, with Jenkins, Lapointe, Edwards and Lewis, there is certainly one good RB on the block. But that’s the position where you guys are the most solid.

Patrick Dorvelus (who can play both linebacker and safety) is probably there too. Gauthier showed great things. Botterril will be back. Proulx will back-up Karikari at Safety, so Dorvelus might be on the block.

What about a WR? Watkins, Gilligan and Stala are fighting for a starting job. Someone there can be traded (I’d let go Watkins because I don’t know much about him and I like the other two. The Don likes Watkins too).

I’d offer O’Neil Wilson too.

What else?.. Maybe the rights to defensive end Alain Kashama… but I’d prefer to see the behemoth wear an Als jersey when he comes back from the NFL.

Maybe Duval or Duncan, the one we won’t keep as a kicker. I don’t know how good they are, but they certainly have cleaner hair than the one you have. :lol:

westwood is gonna clean up his act or Ryan will give him the boot…i like the sound of this Alain Kashama…but Bombers could certainly use some ‘o’ line depth… got to.keep all the avenues open. :!:

I’m betting someone picks up Tugbenyoh (or however it is spelled.)

Unless A.K. Keyes somehow took a nose dive over the winter, I think some team might pick him up from Saskatchwan’s cut list.

Denis Montana is trying to make a come back with Montreal after being released…

noooooooo pleaaaseeeee !!!

Montana isn’t a bad receiver. He just can’t make it with Montreal because we have our hands full already:

  • Cahoon
  • Cavil
  • Vaughn
  • Girard
  • Stala
  • Gilligan
  • Watkins
  • And Wilson, who stays here because Calvillo really likes him…

I even think we could put Michael Jenkins as a receiver and give the two runners’ spots to Lewis and Edwards.

now why would they do that? they want a successfull run game thats why they went out and got jenkins and if they were goin too why start lewis or edwards they could just start Eric Lapointe and have johans lewis back hime up :lol:.

I suggested to put Jenkins as a receiver because he is - I believe - our runner who has the best hands. And I don’t want to see either Lewis or Edwards go because they’re both awesome playmakers. Lapointe should be the one cut. No offense to the guy, but of the four runners, he’s the most injury prone and he will retire at the end of the season (he wasn’t even sure he’d play this year) So let’s keep the one we can have on the long term.

Anyways, that won’t happen. We have enough WRs.