Eating a baby? Really?

That is what entertains today gens?

It Takes Less Than 20 Minutes To Eat A Baby In Fallout 3 (

Well, it's the apocalypse, and it'd grant you radiation immunity. Under those terms who wouldn't eat a baby?


I would rather die


During the Second World War, you heard of atrocities that Russians ate cats and small children to survive German bombardment. They didn't get by with straw Borscht alone

Its a rather large stretch....

In order to do this (according to source you linked) you need to exploit a bug, install a 3rd party mod (modifying original code) and then do a specific sequence to be able to do this act

And even then this seems to be some relatively unknown YouTuber so it is about as common as those idiots back in high school who copied Beavis & Buttheads antics prompting US lawsuits over a real life death...