I went home after the the mess on the week end.

I zipped threw the game on video just to see what CBC was saying.

My opinons of the whole off season until now are these.

Bob Young said in a recent interview that some major steps were taken to clean up the team but they were in the wrong order.

Rob Katz Good Promo Man but Came from Baseball to a job in the CFL then ending up firing himself.

Marshal was fired did not agree with that until they got a replacement coach that is going to stay here and rebuild not be gone at seasons end as an interm.

In no way shape or form is this Lancaster's fault. He's there to fill the spot until they find a coach. The Team isen't motivated
because they know changes are comming and the coach is NOT going to be here in the long run.

So happy Coach Sal is helpping out love is radio work. He gives you the playbook and what should happen when things breakdown and when thngs happen write that's how we learn by replays and explanation.

It's not always Maas's fault when it's 2 and 6 and the receiver runs 3 yards and turns around for the ball and a lot of receivers in the same area when the pass comes so that means they are unsure what the play is.

Dropped balls and bad route running offsides, holdings aren't number 11's fault are they.

On the tv coverage Mr Flutie explanned Mass was icing down his arm after pre game snaps before the game so he is playing hurt. If he has been hurt for a long time now more should have been done two get a better one two punch at QB.

The Coaches can only coach dicipline so for then it's up to the players. 2 or more penalties a game that costs you points or the ball bench then or fine them.

Penalties have lost us way to many games.

Are Road record is a huge concern. It's beyond coaches and players it's gone on to long it's the whole outlook.

As I watched the replay of the game Darren Flutie talked about some interesting things.

Mr Flutie said that When Coach Sal came in he changed the way the O line looked at and blocked differnt schemes. Coach Sal has them blocking what's in front of them then the next guy and so on. Where as Coach Poapoa had them follow threw on that play scheme and not change things up on the field as they happen.

Some of Maas's pics were the recievers not being in the right spot and not digging enough for the rock.

They haven't used Vaughan enough since he beat the record. Also didn't use Holmes to his ability in certain games the Sask. games come to mind first.

Pat Flemming has been Kicking better since he was told to shape up.

Jamie Boreham is also kicking well since his return.

Super Sonic Ranek hasen't had a good season because of early blocking schemes and injuries. Ranek is a Heck of a ball player. a keeper in my books.

Peterson/Ralph haven't been strong route runners all season look lost sometimes.

It beats me way Morreale hasen't had more playing time great player over the middle.

I think one of the biggest players of the Ti-cats is been not starting this year and that's Rob The Hammer Hitchcock and I don't know why. He's the heart and souler on defence.

Shaw, Beverage, Armour and Mariuz always play hard and give it there all should be more leaders LIKE THAT.

We need the next O'Shea at MLB. For me that's huge for the off season findings.

Quinne is to much of a dancer on punt returns just go straight and make yards don't loose them it costs us last game.
Can't wait to Hill back at it.

Another thing i don't understand is why Radlein isen't being used more swing him outside or over the middle for a screen pass. Offence needs more crossing patterns to be get the defence in a chase position to get better angles.

Yes we are loosing. but show some respect in the stands paper bags, putting your jersey on inside out, routing for the other team and being so original like Argos suck or go back to T.O just makes it worse.

Ted Micheals has done an outstanding job on the 5th Quarter taking calls and Hecklers on this bad season it can't be easy this year.

Ticket prices should at least stay the same as this yaer until we put out a better effort on the field. Or peoople won't be coming back.

Let's all stop being negitive and start having fun we are the 13 man after all.