Easy now

I am happy like everyone else on how they have played the last two games, but no they are not going to make the playoffs. There are two games against BC and just those two alone are going to be very difficult.
I will be cheering them on the last few games even thought the chances are slim just because it looks like they are going to give us some good football to watch.

The reality of the situation is that if we can win our remaining game games (2) against BC and Winnipeg, we put ourselves in a position to make it interesting.

Its not exactly a miracle run to win those 2 games.

Hey I hope you are right. That would be awsome but reality is they just beat a team that has struggled all year. Not to downplay the wins but they also need alot help.
No it's no miracle but man its going to be touph. Going to be interesting

Another non believer !!! Think of all the games we lost on the last play of the game and tell me we cant play with any team in the CFL ???

Nobody seems to mention that we played last night with 5 gusy who have never played a game together on the O line . The colour guy kept mentioning how great the Edmonton line was doing yet our makeshift line led the way for 2 late game drives . We deserved the win and bring on BC as well !!!!

I never said they never deserved that win. Yes I think they can beat the Lions it's just going to be difficult.



We can't play with Saskatchewan, and we're not yet sure about BC. (Who knows - maybe Wally will choose to punt on first down again.) We can play with the others.