Easy everyone.

It has been only one game. Last year was a dissapointment because it was a veteran club with some stars and those players were hurt or were a bust. Yes Maas is a huge dissapointment but lets hope he will get better as the season goes on. Of course coach Taffe is going to call him our quarterback. He has to give him the confidence he needs, but I bet you if Maas keeps it up he won't last. Right now we have to be patient with this new club. I believe good days are just around the corner.

He has to be better on Saturday.

The coach and the OC were fired last year while the QB was cut some slack because it was rumoured that he was playing hurt.

We played the wait and see game last year.

This year it's time for some results.

I will be easy when the ticats start to win instead of being lamb basted!!!!!!!!

mmmmmmm..... basted lamb....... so hungry......