Easy Ed Hervey New Lions GM. Buono Back for Final Season

The BC Lions have hired former Eskimo GM Ed Hervey to be their new GM.

Legendary coach Wally Buono to return for one final season in 2018.

I haven't had a chance to listen to the presser yet.

I wonder if a condition Buono gave Braley to coming back was not to wear the two hats anymore.

Hervey has a successful resume no questions there and a good hire on that front. Wonder how 'open' will the team be to themedia under him here. Will Braley even notice?

...it's a great transition strategy in my opinion...Ed will remain in place as Wally retires and together over the next year they'll hand-pick Wally's replacement...and Wally get to go out in style from the sidelines with the team, not upstairs in a press box...

Very good and interesting hire by the Lions, keeps on moving to higher ground for sure.

A good hire. Hervey has his weaknesses like drafting Canadian talent but he is one of the better GMs in the league for scouting and signing talent from the US. He is also excellent in free agency.

I'm sure Wally will mentor him in media and community relations - something he failed miserably at in his first stint with the Eskies.

I thought Hervey might sit out for season or 2 more...he had some blacklisting going on, so this is a ballsy move, but Hervey was going to make it back at some point.

Wally doesn't want to leave the way things are...and kudos to him. Last time he tried leaving the GM role he did some when he was leaving the team in great shape...he simply could not be hands off like he needed to be and all was sunk from day one. Now as the HC things should be a lot smoother in that regard....just a matter of seeing if the VP can be hands off enough of the GM.

Hervey is a good hire for the BC GM but that's gonna be a very interesting structure to work within:

Wally = VP of Operations
Hervey = GM
Wally = Head Coach

Wally can fire the guy who can fire him?

Not unusual under the circumstances. Kent Austin fired himself as head coach of the Ticats.

Very interesting indeed.

Many thought Pasquale Buono would retain the GM duties and abdicate his on-field coaching job.

That's not the way it worked out. Obviously Hervey has street cred and past success - so letting him float to a foreign organization - like Winnipeg, Ottawa, Montreal or Hamilton would be counter-productive.

Wally obviously retains the sword of Damocles - ability to fire Hervey if deemed necessary.

Personally, I thought Wally would retain GM & VP duties - but let someone else run the locker room. Obviously, Hervey can't coach and makes no pretense to do such.

Hervey has extensive USA contacts and knows the constructs of the CFL. He can find quality imports with his network - and will torment less wiley and silver-tongued guys like Kyle Walters & Marcel Desjardins in Ottawa - he can point to BC having a long history of NFL/NCAA cuts who fared exceptionally well after doing their CFL stints. Names like: Joe Kapp, Willy Fleming, Cameron Wake, Matt Dunigan, Doug Flutie, etc. Guys like Kyle Walters are caught flat-footed when trying to counter this kind of past success.

Slight problem with this fascinating new arrangement is that Wally obviously looked to be laboring last year on the sidelines. Who knows whether he'll be re-charged and re-stoked with Hervey running everything other than the on-field product. If he continues to labour - they've got Mark Washington, Khari Jones or even Travis Lulay to look to in terms of next head coach.

Hopefully, this opens the door for Gomer Kyle Walters, possibly trying to pry Washington out of BC - to be the bombers new defensive coordinator - the bombers greatest coaching weakness. Is Washington willing to stick around for another year? Were promises made? I guess we'll see!

Yes, but Kent didn't have a different GM sandwiched between him as HC and him as VP. Kent removed the HC title from his portfolio, which is still the principle of poop flowing downhill, whereas BC now has a structure that poop can flow uphill and downhill at the same time.
Lots of poop traffic.

Well I guess this really hangs Geroy Simon out to dry.
I thought he would be the heir apparent to the GM's job in BC.

Could Franklin follow Hervey over to BC??

BC Lions will be lucky to attract 9000 to 10,000 fans next year. Main reason being that Wally "bonehead" Buono is back and Braley still owns the team. lol.

Is the problem really that specific out there?

Winnipeg would be wise to consider Geroy Simon for their management team. Guy is an absolute treasure - could be used in variety of roles - P.R., scouting, signing, southern trips, fan rallies, etc.

Bombers don't really have a solid guy under GM Gomer Kyle.

Declining attendance to be sure. Neither Wally nor Old Braley have a clue when it comes to building attendance. But I suspect they'll still have between 15,000 and 22,000 for every game at BC Place.

yes, stale amateur coaching and stale ownership

Most fans want all new coaches. quality of the coaching is amateurish at best.

The Lions did the Esks a favour by trading M. Reilly to them before he became a free agent. The Esks could return the favour by trading Franklin, whom they're going to lose anyway, giving the Lions an exclusive negotiating window.

J. Jennings supposedly has interest from 4 NFL teams, if he chooses to activate the NFL option of his contract (allowing him to tryout in the NFL while still under contract with the Lions. If he signs a NFL contract then he'll be released by B.C, like A. Bighill did.)

lions were not about doing the esks a favor. they knew they would not be protecting him for Ottawa's expansion draft and traded him to make sure they got something for him.