Easy Answers???

Consider this, if we have some outstanding players as we were led to believe going into the season, why are they not performing up to their potential?? I don't really want to believe that these professional athletes don't care if they win or lose and are only in it for their paycheck. From reading some of the recent posts, and my own observations, it appears that there is a morale problem throughout the players, some elephant in the room, that is not being resolved. When you see lack of motivation, heart that is almost stopped beating, no fire in the eyes, and what seems like an indifferent attitude, it spells out only one thing to me: lack of leadership or weak leadership. Strong leaders inspire their team-mates to work together and take their quality of work to the highest level. Many who post in this forum have had bosses or supervisors who you really wanted to work hard for and others, not so much. So, in my opinion, I don't place the onus on the workers but on the bosses on the sidelines. This is where the leadership and motivation should come from. I really believe that the players know that the team is being run poorly, and the play calling is not the best and that's why the players are on edge and can't play to their potential. Players being underutilized, plays that don't fit the situation, breakdowns in communication, unchallenged questionable plays, are all signs of weak leadership from the sidelines. Since Cortez is the man untimately responsible for team performance, he must shoulder the blame, and no one else!!!

All this is just opinion and there's probably nothing that can be done about it at this point in the season but I hope that whoever is really running this show had better make some changes for next year or they won't have to worry about filling that 22,500 seat stadium.

You might be correct, in the sense that they all recognize the DC is making the defence play with both hands tied behind their back, and that until he is removed, there is absolutely no chance of winning anything. Mark my words, all it will take is for the DC to be chopped and there will be a moral improvement and new energy. It may last a few games or it can spark a run to the end of the year, but there is no way that dumping DC is going to make the players miss him