Eastern & Western finals picks and thoughts

This is the second year that Andrew Harris has sat out the last half or so of the CFL season to be fresh for the two games playoffs ,the finals and Grey Cup , rubs me the wrong way , cheering for les Alouettes & Lions , expect Bombers and Toronto in GC……Think the Lions will be frozen in the Peg, might drop to minus ten……

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Home teams.
Toronto wins the cup, cause they don't lose Grey Cups


BC to outplay Winnipeg but O'Shea finds a way to win

Montreal jumps on Toronto early and holds on

Winnipeg 3peat

I want Winnipeg and Toronto to win (though I do like watching Rourke play).

I think Winnipeg will win in the West. The East is a toss up for me; I haven't followed them closely enough this year.

I am pulling for BC and MTL! :crossed_fingers:


Same here. Then after that a phenomenal performance by Rourke in the Grey Cup. I think Rourke is about the best thing going for the CFL right now and should help with the Grey Cup TV ratings.


Bad luck for the Arrghblows
Getting thumbs up from Marner and Mathews in Arblow swag
We all know they won't make it to the next round now! :rofl:


Lions over Argos... my best case scenario.




We were talking about it...they shoud have checked on CFL forums



The Argos may even have a large home crowd this game without help from Hamilton fans. Of course,most of them think Doug Flutie is still the QB.

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I guess I'm rooting for Montreal. but that's only because I'm genetically pre-programmed to despise the Argonauts...

I'm rooting for BC out West because I despise the Bummers almost as much as I despise Toronto...

Honestly??? I'll probably be watching the Detroit vs Chicago NFL game tomorrow...


Oh, that should be an exciting game :roll_eyes:


There's an F1 race on, Bills/Vikings...

Wasn't much on today though. One day the CFL may figure it out and move to Saturday.

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Considering the development of Justin Fields and the Chicago O???

You bet it will be!!!

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Wouldn't cross the street for the Jills. With Verstappen locking up the World Championship a few weeks ago, thinly real interesting thing about the Brazilian GP tomorrow is the fact that it's at Interlagos...

I just can't get too worked up over the East Final and I don't think BC has a hope in he!! of beating the Bummers in Winnipeg. If it ends up being a Toronto vs Winnipeg Grey Cup it's basically NFL/NCAA season until pitchers and catchers report in the middle of February...

As if Matthews & Marner could be good examples of what to do in the playoffs....two losers who disappear in playoffs....if they wanted someone to root for them, Siakam and Vanvleet may of been better choices...at least they've won something.

Alouettes & BC would be a nice story for the GC ....neither have been there in a over a decade.


my 2nd fav team playing tomorrow...whoever is playing the ARblows


Playoff games back to Saturdays like they used to be ,way better for everyone travelling as well , and two weeks earlier in the Saeason ,who wants to sit in minus 10 C and colder or play in it , Saturdays rock for CFL Playoffs

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Here's an equally piercing cold day . A high temp of 1.1 C and a low of - 6.7 C on the St. Lawrence River at the Autostade in Montreal in 1969 . It was colder than a witch's bazooka .

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