Eastern teams still in the hunt

With all the comments made earlier this season about how much better the west is than the east, I find it interesting that after this weekend the possibilities of who will make the playoffs is still wide open.

Yes I know it's early but if Hamilton had beaten Winnipeg yesterday, it would have been fairly safe to say the Bombers were toast because the organization would have blown things up.

I'm not sure if I can remember a season where, at the half-way mark any team still had a good shot at the playoffs.

Even though they are 2-6, Hamilton has played teams tough and Winnipeg has too much talent to be down all season. Perhaps last night was a wake-up call for them. It would be great to see every team with a shot at the end of the season.

the final spot in the east is going to be an interesting race. Montreal will likely get first, but Toronto, Hamilton, and Winnipeg are all going to fighting for second place in the east. (west will be a crossover)

it will also be an interesting race in the west to see which team finishes where because they are all so close together (Calgary,Edmonton,B.C)

Yup, the league once again is a toss up, and then again, the playoffs also seem to go to the team that catches fire near the end.
Watched "Off the Record" today and two of the analysts gave the Bombers the nod in the east.
I'll go with that!

...in the hunt?!....for what?....wabbits?....bwahahahahaha....

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Red we all know you'll be bangin' on your keys every day just like always, and the only deck you have is online poker, best of luck on both of them!!

Bombers to win the East! Wow! Dosen't take much to get excited in Winnipeg.

Okay, where are all you prognosticators who had my Als finishing last in the East? Seems to me there were a lot of you here in June. Not so many of you now.

that was from the beginning of the season so thats why they picked winnipeg

Montreal in a cake walk with the rest battling for crumbs, or second place only in the East will get you in.

…that’s the way i see it argotom…unless there is some player movement that helps out one of the three basement dwellers and they vastly improve in the next little while…otherwise the east is definitely least… :roll:

I may or may not have been one of them . . . You will have to find my quote of me saying so in order for me to admit I was wrong. :lol:

IF the Riders win this week, there will be two teams in the West with four losses. That is not impossible for Toronto, Hamilton or Winnipeg to catch up to. I would not rule out three teams from each division making the playoffs. From my perspective a crossover is NOT guaranteed.

No kidding Eastern teams are still in the hunt. That’s what happens when you’re in a division where 2-6 is good for third and 3-5 gives you a home playoff date.

Its still very possible for one of the Western team to go on a losing streak and that's what it would take to prevent a crossover. However it is more probable that all four team will play around .500 within their division.

Montreal is in a nice position with lots of depth, few to no injuries. Add a by and two playoff games at home and playing a GC against a western team that's gone through hell to get there. I'm starting to like the chances of Montreal taking the prize.

CFL playoff format is designed to guarantee at least 2 teams from each division. A crossover is hard to achieve and requires 4th team (of west division) to have MORE points than 3rd team (of east division). Since east teams have extra games in weaker division, gaining points is easier than in stronger west division. Eastern teams are so lucky.

I feel no shame in admitting that I was one of them. I am happily surprised as I would like nothing better than a Riders-Als Grey Cup (not that either is a sure thing).

As for crossover, people have to remember that because there isn't a balanced schedule across divisions (about the same number of games between east/west as there is within each division), there is a reduced chance of a crossover just by pure statistics. That is, a dominant division (West) would create more distance between its fourthe place team if thee dominant division played more often against the weaker division (East)). Bottom line: if is built in that the crossover is less likely (ut not impossible, as some seasons have shown).

What we should do is move Montreal to the West division, and let the winner there just have the Grey Cup. The other three Eastern teams can play in the peewee bowl. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, every team in the East is in the playoff hunt still, but thats only because three of them are nearly equally terrible.

It's a long season, and we're not even at the halfway point yet. The East will get better.

....We hope.

I have a question to the poster who made this thread: How could an Eastern team NOT be in the hunt? Even if they were 0-8 they could still challenge for a home playoff game.