Eastern Team can decide riders fate


Now with the Argos game out of the way, Toronto automatically has first and Montreal automatically has second in the playoffs. Guaranteed, no way around it. If Montreal and Toronto rest their starters for the rest of the season, Ottawa could be in for a couple of easy games and end up taking the cross over position. Now if you were Don Matthews or Pinball Clemons - Who would you rather face, Ottawa or Saskatchewan?

Think about it

Oooohhh.. imagine what Rider fans will say if Ottawa does win these games .. it'll be a league wide conspiracy to keep them down.

It would depend on how the Gades won the game. if they won the game on merit, then I would only be pissed off at The riders, who I might add still hold their detiny in their own hands, they automatically make the playoffs if they beat BC.

If they won because mtl and TO were playing their backups, I might be mad, but not that mad, I would get over it. Plus I am not much fro conspiracies

If Montreal and Toronto play back-ups against Ottawa and the Rens win, and the Riders lose and miss the playoffs, it would be hard to be upset with either the Als or Argos. Why should they risk injury to mainline players in meaningless games right before the playoffs? Every team involved in this issue is where they are because of the way they have played over the course of the season. I would like to see Ottawa make the playoffs because 1) I like the Rens
2) It would be good for their franchise
This is not an-Anti Rider post, I'd be rooting for the Gades no matter who they were fighting with for the last playoff spot (unless it was the Argos). But Ottawa now needs to step up and be counted.

I'd really hate for Ottawa to make it becase the other two teams let them becasse I believe Ottawa still has to prove to me that they want it, but it would be better for the league to have Ottawa in the playoffs. We'll just have to wait and see what happens.

excellent point :smiley:

If Sask doesnt crossover, something stinks. The changes "The Don's"
making would have me worried if im a rider fan.

I think both Montreal and Toronto dont want anything to do with Sask and
thats my opinion and Im sticking to it.

I wouldn't blame either team if they rested their starters, but since Ottawa couldn't beat Hamilton when they were trying out for next year, I don't know if they'll beat Toronto's or Montreal's second stringers. Depends on if those guys are fighting for jobs too, if they want to be noticed around the league, that would be a great way for them to do it.

Besides, the riders have now lost 3 games in a row, winning pretty much any of them would've effectively clinched a playoff spot. And since they played so poorly that Calgary came back from an 18 point deficit, they only have themselves to blame if they do miss the playoffs. Besides, like Billy said, if the riders do beat BC, then it doesn't matter what Ottawa does in the next two weeks.

Hopefully I get to watch more than one more rider game on TV this fall, but if not..... somebody better be looking for a new job.

Lets put it this way.
Argos are first in the East.
Montereal second in the East.
Do you think they will be playing all their starters for the entire games left?NO!
B.C. is fighting for first place in the West.
If they lose tonight.They will have to win next weeks game.
Who do the lions play next week?The riders.
Ottawa will win the final 2 games of the season.
Lions will lose tonight,and win next weekend.
What does this mean?Riders out of the playoffs.
Even if the riders do get in the playoffs.Montreal will kill them first round anyways.

saskargo, I agree that montreal and toronto probably won't be playing their starters..... however I'm not sure if Ottawa can beat them regardless, especially if those guys are trying to make the most of their starting opportunities.

If BC wins tonight, then they might be resting their starters for the riders.....

Lions won't win tonight.
Edmonton is more hungry.
Printers won't be able to handle the cold or the turf.

Maybe they'll get him a nice little jacket to wear, then he won't be so cold. :slight_smile:

Edmonton's had a bit more time to prepare, but BC might be on a high from beating up Winterpeg, and they might want to prove that they're the team to beat in the West

If the Esks win tonight, I can easily see them taking representing the west in the grey cup.

The Ottawa games shouldn't mean a damn thing to the Riders or us Riders fans. What we should be thinking about is beating BC and earning the god damn playoffs ourselves.

...Sasks.....playoff chances ...taking all into consideration....are dubious at best..... BUT .IF Ottawa decides to fold their tent... that...would be the only way Sask. gets in....and you can't rule out that possibility with all of the upheavel going on in the Cap....should be interesting....but what I do know is there are a lot of Sask.fans praying and hoping with fingers and toes crossed (maybe their eyes too)....that Ottawa folds ...and Riders can decide their own destiny.....could be a crossover year...ya never know.... :roll: ain't the CFL ...fun

if the riders last 3 games were playoff games, they'd have been eliminated 3 times over again....lol

say week 16 was the cross-over game against montreal...they lost 38-34
say week 17 was western playoff game against edmonton...they lost 19-18
say week 18 was a western playoff game against calgary....they lost 29-21

so i'm gonna say the riders don't get past round 1, if they had 3 playoff type games in 3 weeks and lost them all.....and will probably lose to the Lions next week, too.

Next week is the only week I'll ever be cheering for the riders. And im not too happy about it :frowning:.

im not....i want a battle of alberta in the first round!

should help sell-out the 60 000 seats in commonwealth.

You're the first Esks fan I've seen not to be happy about cheering for your team to get first place. :smiley:

Yikes I would take second place!