Eastern Semi-Final Trip to Montreal

Are there any group trips to Montreal to watch the Cats play the Alouttes in the eastern semi-final? I’d really like to go but don’t speak French so am a little leary heading into Montreal alone while wearing my Ticat jersey.

I think you will find that Montreal is a hospitable place for visiting football fans compared to other cities in the league. Alcohol-fuelled knuckledraggers at games aside (who are at every CFL game by all accounts), you will find at worst you may be ribbed a bit as fan banter goes during the game. As for the French factor, you can speak English with comfort in all areas east of St-Denis as servers, clerks, etc. are often expected to be bilingual. Montreal IS a world-class tourist destination and in the main should impress you!

I have lived in Montreal over 19 years now, most of those as an English as a Second Language teacher. I have very, very rarely experienced any hostility in a linguistic sense. I hope you can come and enjoy the game.

Oski Wee Wee,


what area should all ticat fans be tickets?

I suggest anywhere behind the ticat bench.

Which hotels near the stadium are best or to stay downtown?
How far from downtown to stadium?

we've been to Montreal a couple of times for games and never, ever had any troubles. very hospitable city and fans, easy to use transportation. a real pleasure to visit-for anything really!