Tickets for Sunday's Eastern Semi-Final between the Ticats and Lions are now on sale to the general public.

Click here to purchase your tickets now.

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Tickets can also be purchased at the TigerTown Store located on 1 Jarvis Street in Downtown Hamilton.

If you have any questions about our 2009 Eastern Semi-Final tickets please call 905-547-CATS (2287).

Don't wait too long....


Got mine as soon as I could this afternoon (Sec 25 Row L Seat 1).

I am really beginning to hate Ticketmaster. Try to buy on line and they won't let you pick the section you want to sit in or pick up your ticket at a Ticketmaster outlet. Ended up having to drive to the local outlet at the Barrie Molson Centre to get it. Their more flexible there about letting you select what section you want to sit in.

Anyway, looking forward to Sunday. GO CATS, as in Tigers not Lions.

I haven't bought mine yet, but I agree with you on Ticketmaster. What a crappy website. All you can do is pick a type of section or price and then select what they feel is the best ticket available. I'd like to get a ticket near a friend of mine who will be going. I just took a look, and it appears I can go to a retail outlet in Woodstock (15 minutes) to get a specific ticket. If not I'll need to drive into London (30 minutes). What a pain.

Looking forward to the game, and hoping for a loud at or near capacity crowd. This has been a long time coming.


I called all day but could not get thru. I have one season ticket but I need a 2nd connecting seat for my g/f. The girl at the TiCats said she has never seen this kind of demand before. I have an awful feeling I won't be getting tickets. Let's hope Bob bought the game and he makes lots of $$$.

Was able to sneak out of work for a bit and stand in line down on jarvis street for a half hour or so, woo see you al lthere!

Dear Season Seat Holder,

The excitement of the 2009 Tiger-Cats season continues. As a Ticats Season Seat Holder, you've played an important part in helping us secure a home playoff game this season. With our 39-17 victory over the Blue Bombers yesterday, the Tiger-Cats will host the Eastern Semi-Final this coming Sunday, November 15 at 1:00 p.m. against the B.C. Lions. As our 13th man, we will need you more than ever to continue our road to the Grey Cup. The winner of this game will take on the Alouettes in Montreal on Sunday, November 22.

If you have renewed your Season Seats for 2010, you have the opportunity to purchase additional tickets for this game at Season Seat Holder prices. Bring your friends and family down to what is sure to be a great atmosphere at Ivor Wynne Stadium on Sunday. To purchase your additional seats for this game, please call 905-547-CATS (2287).

Oskee Wee Wee,

Jim Edmands
Vice President, Sales & Marketing
Hamilton Tiger-Cats Football Club

Dear Tiger-Cats,

I noticed the pdf file for my tickets is in colour and am wondering if a black and white print of the tickets is fine for the game or if they have to be printed in colour?

They're only scanning the barcode,so b/w should be fine....just like airline e-tickets.

You're right slo, Ticats guy pm'ed me saying exactly that.

Got my ticket! :rockin:

any idea how many tickets are left

have to admit Im a little disapointed this game isn't sold out yet

its hamilton unfourtunately some ppl like to wait till 5 minutes into the game but yes i agree it should be sold out already

From what I've heard and read, it's been as much of a zoo down at the store yesterday as day - which likely means that the number of seats sold is probably fairly similar.

I wouldn't be surprised to see the sales taper off over the next few days before ratcheting up late on Friday until gametime. I think that although a true sell-out could be a stretch - it'll be a big crowd.

Keep bugging anyone you know to grab a pair of tix - or more!

This afternoon Scott Mitchell on the Fan 590 said 15,000 were sold. I would have thought personally that at least to this point some 25,000 would have been spoken for and if not a sellout.

Unlike the regular season, a playoff game has to start from scratch, they don't have the luxury of starting at 14,000 and selling from there. If all the season ticket subscribers purchase a ticket, then I think there is a chance of a sellout.

Yes understood, but having said that you would think the season ticket holders would grab asap and would virtually make up 100% returns.

Like I mentioned in another thread, I have not been able to get thru for the last 2 days and the TC people were working until almost 7 pm tonight so ticket sales must be brisk.

Having said that, it is anti climatic given the TC did not buy the game and will not profit from any success in selling tickets - except for concessions.

If/When we get a new stadium, I wonder if the parking will be part of the revenue stream for the team.

I know they sell parking at Ivor Wynn but it is very limitted.

From what I've heard -- and experienced -- they couldn't physically sell any more tickets than what they have in the last two days. Don't be fooled -- this is really good. It's only Wednesday and, no doubt, there will be another push come Friday. If it's another good day of sales today, we'll be up around the 20,000 mark by Friday. Plus, if necessary -- which I'm not sure it will be -- we're looking at 10C and partly cloudy on Sunday.

Season ticket holders should just purchase through their online account....and save themselves from having to line-up