Eastern Semi-Final: Hamilton at Montreal 1pm EST

So because i point out a flaw in your statement.. I"M a lunatic.... THAT is hilarious....

:lol: :roll:

there's no flaw.

you assumed I meant just Alouette fans.

anyone who read that besides you would automatically assume that when I say 55,000 fans.. it's a mixture of both teams fans.

I agree with you. Ill be absolutely shocked if Hamilton beats Montreal. I dont care what you say about Montreal, what if anything leaves anybody to believe Hamilton wins this game..

Hamilton has a 50/50 shot at winning this game.....

Montreal is VERY beatable this year, with NUMEROUS key injuries, be prepared to be surprised!

Montreal loses 43-1 and the Sask fan expects an easy win for Montreal? I don't think so,I think Montreal are in big trouble and with more starters out they know they are in trouble,they know if and I mean if they win they will need the help of the Ref again like the last time.I say Hamilton wins and Iam wondering why the lone Sask fan has it in for Hamilton? :smiley:

We'll be waiting for whoever shows up on the 20th, rested and getting healthy. :lol:

.....rested and waiting to send the ol gal off in style .....it'll be so-long Canadinns ....out with the old ...in with the new..looking forward to a great final :rockin: :thup:

Just because the Al's lose to the Lions 43-1 doesn't mean the Ti-Cats now are the favorites. I think the Cats are just not going to win when they can't beat the two worst teams in the league.

Reading this thread, I thought Hamilton was playing Saskatchewan next weekend... :o

Well well looks who's back!

The difference is that the Ticats weren't even trying against Toronto, with guys resting. Montreal was supposidly playing for first place, and forgot to show up.

One of these losses is a lot more worrying then the other.

Being a Bomber fan, I’d rather face Hamilton in the East Final.

But I just can’t see that happening. Calvillo & co. will bounce back. Glenn wets the bed… etc.


as bad as montreal was last night, the cats have no shot in olympic stadium, IMO.


Can't you guys just humor a down and out Cat fan here? :frowning:


TiCats 23 Als 16 that mine,what say ye?Whats yours? :roll:

Riderfans chirping away without a team in the playoffs :lol:

Ticats 34 Montreal 25

wow, you guys really think that the Cats are going to beat the Als?

heck they can't even decide who starts, Glenn or Porter?

it won't be close. sorry but when my result comes true and yours is wasting in the dust.. I'll be here waiting for those magical words "You Were Right"

And if the other is true we'll be here waiting for your excuse as to why you were wrong..... :lol:

The Titanic wasn't supposed to sink either, we all know what happened there (thank you Leonardo and Kate). I have a feeling the Ticats play the role of the inconviently placed Iceburg this weekend....

EVERYONE thought the Ticats would put up 38 against the Rides two weeks ago, oops, The Ticats and Rides were supposed to win their divisions as well, oops, EVERYONE outside, and some inside Ticat land is predicting the Als to roll.....hmmmm

Considering the incongruance displayed in this 2011 CFL season, "favourites' or "who has an advantage" cannot be used in the coming weeks.

My 50/50 odds of drawing out of the hat in between the Cats and Als has my Cats coming out on top :smiley: