Eastern Semi Final Discussion

It is going to be WINDY! Winds at 30 km/h with gusts of 48 km/h from the souhwest. (Moving right to left for those watching on TV).

And the Ticats have practiced in those conditions all week :thup: :thup: while the EE - who knows?? I'd say that the Ticats will have a better idea how to move the ball with the windy conditions. Here's hoping that Maher has been practicing lots of kicking in the wind all week too. Whyte has been very good but won't be as familiar with the way the winds can blow. Maher by now is hopefully getting used to it.

Eskimos have tipped their hand a little. Decided to dress 2 running backs in John White & Shakir Bell and are sitting a dedicated return specialist in Stoudemire. Indicates that they intend to run the ball. If White/Bell get 5 plus yards on 1st down ... look out! That puts EDM in 2nd and manageable & gives them 100% of their playbook. Play action etc ... that's when/where Bowman & Walker will torch you.

Gotta limit EDM's rush yards especially on first down. Put 'em in primarily passing situations on 2nd and long and make them abandon the run by the end of 1st quarter/half.

Teddy, Drake & Mikey filling gaps allowing Simoni, Larry & Keon to flow to the ball. John & Adrian crashing/folding that edge and containing.


All Day Long !!! :rockin: Rock “em” Sock "em"Put him on his Ass and we win this game !!! :rockin: Go Cats Go !!! Let’s Do This !!! :smiley:

Not too long into kickoff - shall we use this thread for the PBP?

Not important I'm just curious. Why are the Ti-Cats wearing their away uniforms today?

I wondered the same thing too although it seem every team has qorn their road jerseys for one home game this season but I'd say this is a strange one for the Ticats to choose if indeed that has been something decided on by the league. It IS the EASTERN semi final and it IS at THF in HAMILTON.

And I'm fine using this for the GDT. Need to start somewhere !

I was wondering that as well. Why the whites today?

I'm now thinking maybe it's a superstition thing. The Cats wore white in Edmonton when they came back from a 25 point deficit.

Hey whatever works !! I'm all for it! :smiley: I should qualify that - if it helps them to win!

Ugh... Rod Black......

Nice reach grab by Tyms there.

Tyms seems to be Collaros go too

So we've heard 2x already that Tyms played for the Patriots - just in case you missed it the first time. :roll: But he is catching the ball :thup:

I do hope this second 3rd down gamble worked - but unfortunately not! :frowning:

Ticats drive is stopped :thdn:

Looked like Masoli got across the first down line on second or third effort, but possibly after the whistle went.

Crazy idea - throw for first downs instead of setting up third and one.

Time for the D to get up close and personal with Reilly and shut him down!

Yup they seem to be tossing the ball just a bit short of FD and hoping the extra yard or so can be picked up by the receiver.

Not good if Stephen is out after only a play or 2! Just got him back into the lineup :frowning: