eastern semi final attendance whats the big deal....

hi there there was 31 000 plus at the game at the big o.

26 000 in calgary now so what if the als didnt sell out ...we still did better than calgary that was going into the semi with 7 wins in the last 8 games....

very ture, thanks for that auto

but Montreal could have reached 40,000, which is sad.

Calgary however should really be asamed becase it's their frist home PO game in a while, and the attendence should have been much higher than it was. I mean, Regina would kill for a PO game and when Calgary got it and people barly showed up, is a slap in the face to the Stamps and the league.

And the reason we're attacking each other's attendance stats is........ what? Let's stick together and hope for each other's success at the box office rather than being ready to jump on people WHO ALREADY GO TO THE GAMES!!!!!

Trust me, I think it's pathetic that Calgary didn't sell out their playoff game - I even went on a little crusade to try and get it to sell out (there's a post here urging Calgarians to go; likewise on gostampsgo.com, and calgarypuck.com; I even wrote a 881-word essay to the Herald, which urged people to go). But the truth of the matter is, people are scared off by a litttttle bit of cold. It's pathetic, I know. But that's likely why Calgary's game was so poorly attended. (btw, last time Calgary hosted a playoff game, we only drew 25,000 - so we've improved since 2001). Montreal, on the other hand, managed to fill the big Owe for their last regular-season game ... but not their playoff game? That's an indoor stadium! What gives?

Anyway, argofan4life, you really did say it best ...

I agree with what you've said CanucKev, alot of people don't seem to realize that outdoor games when its cold out don't draw good attendances. Edmonton had 38,000 vs. the riders last year for their playoff game when it was snowing outside, so stop running down calgary b/c you had 31,000.

We had a wedding to go to on Sunday.

woulda shoulda coulda

Truth is they are both disappointing attendances but there is no point criticising each other. we are all in this together. Each club is crucial to the league and though the Stamps v Esks attendance was poor the fact is they are the two best sets of fans in the game and everyone knows that and Stamps fans comne out game after game year after year in a way equalled only by the esks. Equally in MTL the attendance was poor - I expected 40,000 - but the Habs are flying and football always takes a back seat then.

We need to encourage and hope for big crowds here on in.

Truth is the cold does reduce attendance for games in Canada where a) people look at the ticket prices and the weather combo and say hey, think I stay at home and watch and b) we as Canadians are not as fanatic about sports like the Americans are who don't generally care about the weather and go to the game as a festive ritual.
We are not the real, as a group anyway, the real "tough" Canadians we used to be exept for a dedicated group.

And hey everyone, remember, unlike the States, we do have a no. 1 sport here which is hockey. The fact that the CFL is still going fairly strong and getting pretty darn good attendance is fantastic, lets look at the positive here, it's not like the games were that bad. But I do think that the promoters should keep ticket prices down as much as possible for playoff games, this would be much better. I know myself, after spending $800 for two seasons tickets, don't have a lot left over to spend for playoffs. If the ticket prices are too high, people won't go as much, especially if the weather looks like it might be a bit chilly or wet. The teams have to look at this closer in the future.

Maybe CFL teams need TV contracts or something to get more money.

Thanks, CanuckKev.