Eastern Semi Blackout

The team announces today, that fans will be provided black towels and black cloaks and are encouraging fans to dress from head to toe in all black.


But for the love of potato chips, I hope to my God that the team itself wears the GOLD pants.

But alas, I think I’m in for a disappointment.

  1. Black towels and cloaks…yep, a fitting gesture for a funeral :wink: :smiley:

An omen of a pending disaster ::slight_smile:

All we need now is for The Undertaker (the wrestler Mark Calloway) to make a guest
appearance at the game :wink: :wink: 8) 8)

In addition to whatever you wear, wear a poppy.

I see a two game losing streak coming up.

Why so pessimistic Tipper? With Masoli at the helm and our new receivers getting more accustomed to the offence I think we have a great shot at winning the Grey Cup.

Stop it Johnny. Just stop.

8)Garney26, I think you have to forgive Johnny on his latest predictions !!

He obviously has been into that legal cannibas stuff or whatever they call it ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile: 8)

all i read was ‘black potato chips’… you may not have said it, but boy oh boy do they sound delicious. If they’re anything like those blue potato chips they’re gonna be super fun. maybe they’ll give those out at the game too?

If it’s concessions talk …I’m so in.

black cloaks?

Maybe Darren Flutie is coming back to do his Batman impression in the end zone.

Pat Lynch (the old person)

Give me some fangs and an inability to see myself in a mirror, and I’m in…

I’m thinking it can’t hurt.

Yup. It's remember when time kiddies . Ah , memories........ 8)Did we really win that thing they call the Grey Cup only a mere 19 yrs ago ? I thought it was only something that my Daddy used to talk about .

How about ric flair instead?

LOL !!! Why not both ? We could have a no disqualification best two of three falls pins count anywhere in the stadium match at halftime . :DYa never know , it might be more entertaining then the game itself and actually worth the price of admission . ;D


For those who won’t be in the stands, wouldn’t it be nice if this included Rod? ::slight_smile:

Sadly, I presume the players will be dressed, for the theme, in the all black unis they’ve lost in 80% of times worn. The Cats have been 100% victorious, this year, wearing their gold pants with the home black jerseys. The choice should have been obvious – wear the look better / win more combo. ???

I was looking for this stat?

What is our record wearing black pants? Not only this year, but historically.

I know it isn't very good.

While we're at it...how many Grey Cup wins with the new logo? (This one, I know).