Eastern Final

Starting a new thread, I think we need to have some dialogue around this game.

The way the Riders have played out the season, I see parallels to the 1989 team. This 2017 team looks like a TEAM. They seem to truly play for each other and there are many reasons to point to as to why. I believe the total snub of MOP candidates from the Riders have tied them even tighter together. Also, if they stay on the road the entire time, it only brings them closer.

The Argo game will be difficult. We cannot look past this. We never have played well against a Ricky Ray team but we have some positives going in. Glenn looked truly focused against Ottawa and this should continue. We have some depth in the run game. We should be in a decent state of health come game time. We have momentum AND we should have 40% of the stands in GREEN.

However, stopping the Argo run game is priority. We have not defended the run well all season. We usually get burned in the air a few times per game and with Ray at the helm, it could get ugly, fast.
On game day the Argos will have played twice in 29 days. Last game against a Lions team plying for jobs. Rust vs rest come Sunday?

Then again, this is all moot if Proulx draws the game.

They played well overall last game. Once they figured out how to shut down one man they looked good. They gave up a pile of passing yards...but a lot of that was sitting back and letting them pass under them and kill off the clock with a substantial lead.

As well as the D played they can not have the misses in coverage. They were blessed with drops. They got pressure via blitz a few times and it was easy to see how it got in Harris's head even with just a few...Ray...not so much. Jones has a superb track record against Ray...he knows how to play D on him, or at least has done very well....sitting back and not bringing a pile of heat because the mobility is not a huge concern ...this is all about getting enough pressure with 3-4 rushers that he can not sit there all day. Do that and they should have success.

Toronto DL will be much much more aggressive than Ottawa's was. They seemed content to let Glen sit in there and challenge him downfield more than in his face.

Yes Torontos d will be more aggressive. The issue for Toronto will be how they account for Thigpen who poses a threat to score every time he touches the ball. Chamblin likes the pressure so screen passes could be key to slowing them down.

Thigpen and Owens will play well into that scenario, along with Bagg. Chris Jones always is preaching about needing to play with speed and at a high level in all positions and in all scenarios. The depth he has built seems to be doing that.


I disagree with not defending the run , in resent games we have shut down Messam , and just this last game Powell I think Muamba has done an outstanding job in the middle . IMO if we shut down Wilder and make Ricky 1 dimensional we can win.

That's the key right there. Ray needs to be reduced to one dimensional play and we should have success. Wilder hasn't been very successful against us so I expect we will approach Argos ground game in the same way as previous games.


"Jones has a superb track record against Ray...he knows how to play D on him, or at least has done very well....sitting back and not bringing a pile of heat because the mobility is not a huge concern ...this is all about getting enough pressure with 3-4 rushers that he can not sit there all day. Do that and they should have success".[quote]

The Riders will need to make Ray uncomfortable, pressure, a hard hit, whatever but if Ray gets into a comfortable rhythm we will be hard pressed to beat Toronto imo. Ray's the key in my mind.
Frankly I have to believe with what the Riders have to play with at this point in the season (talent) on the team that's undisclosed (new schemes), we take this one and smash mouth all the way to the Grey Cup.

It seems the commentators and analyst guys have Toronto advantage in almost every phase but not Receiving.

Go Riders

Idunno, Jones historically does not put a pile of pressure on Ray...just enough of a push that he can not sit back there. Actually, before they played last time Ray even talked about this in a TSN interview.

Odd they give everything to the Argos...the Argos lead in what, yards? There are not a lot of team stats they are ahead of the Riders in...the Redblacks were moreso for sure. I am not calling the Argos a pushover at all, just saying it seems odd.

Anything to boost the local morale, just saying because that's perfectly fine by me, I've no problem with that.

I like going into this game as an underdog. That shit is motivating.

I guess. I think that there are a lot who don't want to see a crossover team in the Cup...which I get. It is still weird to see the media project that so hard when even the betting lines are giving the Riders a slight edge.

This is going to be a good game. TO is no pushover. I am surprised to hear that they are 1.5 point favorites, but I like being the underdog. Gives the team something to prove and fight for.

From the Argo's ticket site, still lots of tickets available. At center field. Wish I could go. Need to get the word out to ex-Saskie's living in TO (Golden horse shoe area) to get out and attend.

1 more to go.

Go Riders.

Yes pretty much everywhere Argos are favored.
If we don't implode, take penalties and not turn over the ball I believe the Riders take this one and make history.........
Edmonton and Saskatchewan Grey Cup.......
I also can see a Chris Jones nomination for coach of the year....... go figure..... and good for us!....

Watched some interviews last night with various Rider players and coach Jones. They seem to be pretty loose and revel in their underdog status. They don't want to be the focus (more than what is necessary in a division final). They have excelled on their eastern trips since Jones has been here and yes part of that is the disparity east vs west, but they definitely are a team that can amp it up when away from home.

This team loves proving many critics wrong. It was only 6 or 7 short weeks ago many were calling for the coach's head, they were lamenting the loss of aged veterans, and felt we were doomed for yet another failure season. And here we are today..............

No matter the game outcome, the season has been a success in that they've achieved their goal of a complete rebuild top to bottom, we have skill, depth and youth pretty much everywhere, and their eye is on the prize.


Just heard that LaBatte, Marshall, and Richardson won’t be dressed on Sunday.

Saving them or are they still questionable?

LaBatte/Marshall/Richardson gtg but none will (apparently)....dressing the healthiest...could play if needed but rolling with the healthy bodies that are building off chemistry. I think if there had been anything iffy last game we would see a change. This was actually the case last week with the exception of Blue...who still needed time to be effective. even now he could play but likely would be struggling by the end....with the big push the Argos have it was the right call on the OL...ratio or not. I also know that Marshall is a bit more ready than Richardson but there is "something" that they have on the backburner with the roster players presently that they might try in the game that certain players are set to and one would probably need to come off for Marshall. Can't say much more than that but perhaps right at kickoff I can pop on and say something on it...even then, it might not get used this week...but I think it will. Maybe I will send a couple IMs on it right before the game as long as people keep it zipped until either after the playoffs or they see it rolled out.

Jones said Marshall won't play. Unless Jones is fibbing?

unless fibbing
see above

I think if there had been concerns with others in the last game they would adjust...but you roll with chemistry when it is there and available....Marshall is also not at 100% but easily close enough to go if needed. Richardson is not as ready but could. Blue could play but I think become a liability here and there at points in the game. If they needed the ratio he would play.

Thinking back to the days not long ago when we had no depth in many positions and wondered what to do if someone got hurt.

And thought that was normal.

Kudos to Jones for uncovering or bringing in as much talent as he has. Murphy too. That man doesn't get as much credit as he deserves.

Just reread your post. Makes more sense to me now haha