Eastern Final, the forgotten game?

Sorry, dude, that was a blatant helmet-to-helmet hit after the ball was away. Leading with your helmet against the QB while he's in the pocket is against the rules.

I know Rider fans have to justify everything their team does, but man up and admit it was an uncalled late hit. My Als are guilty of doing the same on occasion.

You do realise that cfleskfans is not a rider fans?

  1. The word esk is in his name
  2. he just said he was an eskimos fan.

How was the ball "away" when Ray fumbled on the play?

My head says we end up with the defeat WPG was too wimpy to give us last week on their turf, final score 40-25 for MTL.

However, I do on the other hand have a strange feeling that RR is going to run for a game-winning touchdown on Saturday, and it'll be a real run, not a sneak from the goal line. Something unexpected, but this is the CFL after all.