Eastern Final, the forgotten game?

Reading this formum, one would think there is only one game happening the weekend. So lets get some talk happening about the other game.

I think the Edmonton/Montreal match-up will be by far the most exciting of the 2 games. Both teams are fast, aerial minded, healthy and weather will not be a factor. This game features the two best quarterbacks in the CFL and with both teams seeming to peak at the right time. I am looking forward to a barn burner, already got my seat reserved in a bar across from McMahon Stadium so I shouldn't miss any of the Calgary/BC. game if I hurry across Crowchild Trail and the pedestrian cross-over isn't backed up.

Ricky Ray will out throw Cavillo.


Who is playing in the east final again?... :stuck_out_tongue: :lol: :lol:

Go Eskimos Go! The bye week is always a killer. :smiley:

…ALSO…lets do a little talking about ticket sales in Montreal…Seems everyone likes to rake the Bombers and their fans over the coals over such things…I DON’T see a great amount of tickets purchased for the Esks./ Als encounter as of late…and this one is indoors not like in the icy-cold Peg…Sorry i had to bring this up but i get a little sick and tired of hearing how rotten the BigBlue are doing at the gate…but never a mention of how poorly another city is doing at the moment… :wink:I hope the Als. do better ,we need a huge crowd…c’mon Montreal////

If you look at the stats, Ray has the better game against the Als than Calvilo has against the esks
but honestly, this game is like a Grey Cup game, these teams have played each 3 times in the Grey Cup in the past 5 years, this game is, i think the better game of the two 2 games this weekend.


In the 2 games that Ray played against the Als he threw for 302 and 156 yards for a total of 458 and 2 TDs
In the one game that AC played He threw for 414 yards and 2 TDS!

I dont see where you get, that based on the stats...Ray had the better game?

Ro, Ricky Ray outclassed A.C in they're 2nd meeting. His 302 yards beats A.C's 0 yards. You still don't see? It's clear as day!

what a stupid stupid stupid thing to say

Calvillo didn’t even play, so you CAN’T compare that.

don’t go there ok?

use your intelligence!

…missed the sarcasm, eh?

Man, that's just embarrassing... :lol:

Ray is a great QB, and I don't think you'll see the same outcome as last time. The Eskimos will come prepared this time... or at least I hope they will. They have the talent to compete with the Als, and I'd love to see a lot of offence from both teams.

and that, cflisthebest, is why we love you so.

Thanks jm02, sarcasm was the word I was looking for.

Again GO ALS !!!

The Als are always jinxed by the Esks and it goes a long way! 1954 to be exact. I would have preferred ANYteam to the Esks in the Eastern final. For this reason, even though I'm a Mtl fan, I suspect the jinx might happen again: the Als offense for jinxy reasons will be out of sync and the defense...well it will be the usual Als defense when they are on the field for most of the game....Expect RR to have one of his near perfect passing game.

The score: Esks 36, Als 17

Oh ye of little faith............................

Hope springs eternal, I'll say Montreal 35, Edmonton 31.

Do what the Riders did a few weeks back, knock Ray senseless with a big hit on the 1st play of the game..

I thin the Offence is gona come out flying, and control the clock. Defensively, they'll give up the yards, but I don't think they'll give up that many points. But, when it comes to Montreal/Edmonton in post season, who knows whats gonna happen.

Unfortunately, we’re not the Riders, so the league won’t turn a blind eye to blatant head shots on the QB.

One more time from an Edmonton fan, the was nothing wrong with the hit on Ray! Maybe it was even a good thing as it seems to have given the Eskimos a much needed wake-up call. Also the Riders are not playing, show them and their fans some respect and show Edmonton some respect by focusing the pre-game excuses on them.

Was just breezing through the headlines on the main page... I didn't realize you guys would have Cobourne back. That definitely makes things more interesting... :?