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The Hamilton Tiger-Cats are proud to announce that all available tickets to the Eastern Final at Tim Hortons Field have been sold.
On Sunday, November 23, the Tiger-Cats, who remain undefeated (6-0) at Tim Hortons Field, will host the winner of this Sunday’s Eastern Semi-Final between the B.C Lions and Montreal Alouettes.

Every seat to all seven Ticats games at Tim Hortons Field has been sold this season. The Eastern Final will be the second straight game to feature a full capacity crowd of over 24,000 fans.

Now if only the Als could sell half of that.they've slashed their tick prices to one third of before, so hopfully its not a complete embarrasement.


Good to see Ti-Cat fans supporting the team after two years of nomadic existence. I'm still picking BC to come out of the east. They've played at THF so they know where the locker room is now which should give them a leg up in the game right? :wink:

Higgins is a dweeb.

Tremendous news for the Ti Cats, The City of Hamilton, the Caretaker, and the CFL in Southern Ontario.
I would rather not dwell on what may be going on elsewhere with playoff tickets etc. but rather be estatic that CFL is alive and fantastic in Southern Ontario.
For Hamilton this is great and should spur a revitalization of sports within the city and the metro areas.
Ivory Wynn was falling to pieces, Copps Center was built for the NHL but the combo of Leafs-Sabres and the ridiculous plan to move the NHL to cities like Atlanta(for a second time), Phoenix, and Miami.
Making the best of it the BullDogs picked up as an AHL tenant and are now one of the longest standing AHL franchises and have a perfect affiliate in the Habs.
Global Spectrum has taken over management and have already gotten corporate naming sponsor, FirstOntario, and upgraded reno's are taking place.
With a pro soccer franchise in the NASL looking great on the Horizon at THF. FirstOntario center will also be looking to add tenants and more events to come to Hamilton. Sky could be the limit as NLL Lacrosse is huge and the season of the dormant MLL Nationals entering the NLL indoor circuit to go with the Rock as well as into upstate NY in Buffalo and Rochester.
Basketball has become huge in southern Ontario and the prospects of a NBL C club or a possible Raptors D-League team would just add more to Hamilton.
Not to mention bids for Grey Cup now, Team Canada mens and womens soccer, AHL all star game, Junior hockey events, and be great to see the Habs have a pre season exibition in Hamilton at FirstOntario as well as a Marlies-Bulldogs AHL outdoor classic at THF and not Ivory Wynn.

Lets hope the Argos get the heck out of the Toronto Proper Downtown area and into a growing city and region outside Toronto Proper. One with its own idendity similar to what they have in Hamilton.

That's great! :thup:

Too bad there is no interest in the Eastern semi-final. Unless they have a big walk up crowd there could be one full end zone stand and a couple of hundred people in the main seating areas, looking at the ticketmaster seating chart there is not many seats sold. :thdn:

It helps to have the new stadium ready in Hamilton. Only half the seats are sold for the Montreal game. Maybe putting CFL games on a Sunday wasn't such a good idea after all. I know most sports bars in the East will be showing only NFL games.

Congrats to Hamilton. :thup:

There may not be many seats sold so far which is disapointing. I will however be interested to see what the TV ratings are for the game. RDS ratings will give us a better idea of just how many in Montreal and Quebec are still very interested in seeing the Als even if they do not attend the game. It is only two years removed from the last Als home playoff game and several preceding 2012 playoff's that were still very very well attended. Those games were inside of course at Olympic where there was a about a decade of consistancy of home playoff games. People were routinely ready for home playoff games at the enclosed Big O and had a decade of very high attendance around 50K.
TSN ratings as well i will be curious to see. The game time in BC will be in the morning which fans in Vancouver really are not used to with the amount of prime time or late afternoon starts that are the usual during the season. In Hamilton there could/should be good numbers. The rest of the prairies with 3 playoff teams will also have an early start time to watch the game. With it preceeding the Western semis the fans preping to watch that EDM-SASK game should be tuned into TSN early to catch at least the second half before their game starts.

2012 east final BIG O 50K
2011 east semi Big O 33K
2010 east final Big O 58K

The playoff tickets at the big O cost 30 bucks... This is apples and oranges.

I'm sure they would rather take 50,000 fans at $30 a ticket and 50,000 fans buying $30 each in concessions.

Its all price points to sell a stadium out. In Toronto SandC got 35000 with free tickets.. Braley was getting 7-8000 this season with NFL pricing and then 20000 with CFl pricing.
The BC Lions never even came close to selling out a game once the reno was done, because overnight the Lions started charging NFL pricing.
You know what would fill every stadium in the CFL? Affordable tickets.
Despite the success of the Roughriders. They still offer senior and student pricing.. The Lions don't offer any discounts at all.
If end zone seats were 25 bucks and seats at the 20 yard lines were 50 bucks (prime seats all go to corporations anyways) then you would see every stadium in the CFL full

Well hopefully Montreal will at least top the CIS game in Quebec City today attendance wise. 13,698 were on hand to see Montreal upset Laval 12 - 9 in overtime. Montreal now waits for the winner of Manitoba - Calgary game.

Meanwhile here in Hamilton just under 5,000 watched Mac beat Guelph in a tight game 20 - 15 with Mac stopping Guelph on a 3rd down play at about the Mac 35 with 25 seconds left in the game. Mac will now host Mt. Allison in the Mitchell Bowl at Ron Joyce next Saturday at 4:00PM and then on Sunday the Cats host the EDF at THF. So a huge weekend of Canadian football here in the Hammer next weekend.

Im looking forward to Tim Micalef calling the Mitchel bowl. He always calls a great Uni game. Really miss his game of the week on the score. I hope sportsnet picks up the OUA game of the week again. Micalef will be partnered with Mike Morreale. The other bowl game will have andy baechler, arash madani and DJ bennet.

I was at the Mac game today, i'll be there again next week and the cats game of course. As well as high school football bowl games. Football is alive and well in the Hammer.

A sell out is a big deal in the East considering it’s on a Sunday. Too bad none of the sports bars will be showing any CFL games on Sunday.

Aside from the fact that you don't know this for certain, why does it matter if sports bars are playing the games on TV? People have TVs at home. I have been to a bar exactly once to watch a CFL game in my entire adult life. But hey, be a Debbie Downer if you want.

Boy, you really are a one-trick pony Dilligaf (aka Mr. Kus.)
I'm not positive, but I'm pretty sure the sports bar down the street from me is showing the playoffs; though frankly, I don't care what the sports bars are showing. I'd rather watch the semi-finals in the comfort of my own home, though I will be venturing out into the crowded (and probably cold, hopefully not raining) THF for the East Final next week.

BigDave wrote: though frankly, I don't care what the sports bars are showing
You got that right BD. They could show reruns of Gilligans Island for all I care or The Shopping Channel. The comfort of my home exactly, no stupid distractions at a sports bar where a lot of people "watching" a game don't care anyways except for who they bet on.

Glad to see the Ticats are going to be enjoying a sold out crowd (and all the extra revenues that come with it) after all the crap they've had to put up with stadium wise for the past 2 seasons