Eastern Final snowbowl

And this is why you hold important games in November indoors ( aka Covered stadium) or on a real "grass" field. Paint machine freezes..... dahhhhh is that a surprise? Obviously so to our capital people.

Go Esks Go.

Yeah, like those guys at Lambeau field. :smiley:

I like watching CFL playoff games held outdoors, in the cold, with bad weather. Fog Bowl, Ice Bowl, Mud Bowl... all memorable Grey Cup games.

Great job by Ottawa today.

Good thing there's grass at BMO Field.

The Ottawa RedBlacks against the Calgary RedBlacks :roll:

Interesting game, super effort by Lafrance. Maas cost the Esks with that 3 and 10 call with what, 4 minutes left, and then the screw up with the punt return point, subsequent short punt to avoid safety. Brain cramp there, probably cost him any chance they had?

I thought it was Esks' game to lose at that point, and Maas 'snatched his defeat from a near victory'. The Esks were coming on, RBs were reeling, and Maas shot them in the foot.

The silver lining is we still have our east-west Grey Cup. I'm glad to see that.

Finishing first, pays off again as it most often does.

Loved the atmosphere in Ottawa today & outdoors (as opposed to inside a dome) with the snow blanketing the field so no one could see all those unnecessary detracting ads they paint on the turf these days.

Considering the terrible conditions I was surprised that players were not sliding and falling down. I think I only saw one pass to a receiver that had fallen down before the ball got there. Only one fumble that appeared to be caused by the weather conditions, the bad exchange on the 3rd an inches by Ottawa.
LaFrance rushes for 160 yards and not affected by the snow, Ottawa completely shut down the Esks RB that rushed for 160 yards against the Ticats. Burris wasn't affected by the heavy snow either, he still passed close to 300 yards
If the game had been played 24 hours earlier it would have been perfect weather conditions, this time of year you can't predict anything.

Okay, I don't like Burris, so these statements leap out at me. My problem, I know and admit. But Burris passed for 246 yards, 2 TDs and 1 int. Reilly was 340 yards, 3 TDs and 0 ints. Burris was 58% and Reilly 49% completions, so he has the edge there. The big difference in my view was Lafrance. He ran wild, John White could not get untracked.

Burris was on the winning team, but despite TSNs' bromance with him, I cannot abide the man. I now mute his constant and repeated bleatings on the tube so have no idea what he said before after or during the game, and don't care. Even "love those Als and Redblacks" Climie admits Burris is a pain, but then excuses him by saying "He's not like that away from football."

Well, I don't see him "away from football", I only see him on the seemingly endless TSN interviews. And he is like that when I see him.

Congratulations to the Redblacks, all of them. Two consecutive years in the Cup is a difficult and praise-worthy feat. But Burris did have some help, both during the season and during the game. I don't think he was the better QB yesterday, but he was the winning one. Let's leave it at that.

I didnt bother to watch; figured if Esks were close to winning the zebras would take care of them. How many times did Esks get the dirty end of the stick?