Eastern Final Score Predictions?

As I stated mid August, the Blew Team just down the QEW will be in the Grey Cup along with the BC Lions. I believe Montreal will get crushed next Sunday. The Blew Team has way too many weapons and a great defense and OLine. This will be the first "David Brailey Bowl" Any thoughts?

1- Toronto won't be able to run the ball against Montreal. In three games they ran for 51,92,15 yards on Montreal for an average of 52 yards a game.
2- Toronto's oline won't be able to handle Montreal's blitz for more than a quarter. Montreal put 5 sacks on them and got to the QB a dozen times during the last game.

Should be a good game because Ray plays well against Montreal and TO's special teams are top in the league and Montreal the worst. No way Montreal gets "crushed" at Home. When's the last time you saw that happen ?

Montreal will sink the boatmen at home. My guess is 32-28, just because of the D and special teams.

Montreal - 35

Toronto - 24

Then lots of Grey Cup tix become available from Argos fans Monday AM!

8) Argos are coming together at just the right time !!
  Look for them to upset the Al's at home, and head for the Grey Cup !!!

   All you jokers can hate the Argos (and love the Leafs) but I will cheer for the Argos..and I hate the leafs with a passion !!

    At least I am not 2 faced !!!    <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->        Argos 35.....Al's 30.   Go Argos  go !!

     I fully agree with what Ozzie says !!

34-19 als

Both teams have decent offences, but slightly suspect defences. I'm thinking a shootout, with the Al's offence outperforming the Arghs's by the end.

48-37 Montreal

I think it will be a good game but none of the three have been high scoring. Score should hover from high twenties to low thirties for both teams.

Not even close..

Team Blew, played the 2 WORST defenses in the league in the last 2 weeks,

Montreal steam rolls!

the Ugholes are just not that good of a football team

Hate to admit it, but the arblows are on a roll
blew team 39
alwets 24
They just have a ton of confidence and motivation

Braley Bowl time

I've got to agree with you. I think the Argos have a good chance. They will have to play tight and not make untimely costly mistakes. The Als are not the team they were a few years ago and they can be beaten by the Argos with Ricky Ray at the top of his game. I think too many people are under estimating the Argos. Kachert and Owens will give the Als a run for their money. Ray also has some great receivers to work with. Injuries have plagued the Als and their kick off and punt returners are suspect. Field position could be the deciding factor. I have a feeling the Als will be watching this Grey Cup on their flat screens this year. Same goes for the Stampeders.

29-22 Als

Als 45
Hoggers 15 :cowboy:

21-17 Argos

It’s hard to bet against AC at home but the Argos look like the real deal. I think it’ll be close—35-30 Argos.

An Argo-Cat fan

Hate to say it, but the Argos will win. Their D has always been strong, and it is stronger now that Jones is DC. And their offence is coming together at the right time.

Well, this should be much more of a challenge for the blue team after they were able to take down a mediocre Edmonton team quite easily. The EDSF game won in the trenches, as the Esks could not protect their QBs and their D kept missing tackles. And of course, when you’re not so good when it comes to blocking and tackling, you won’t win many games. And it didn’t help that last year, the Esks practically gave away their starting QB and only very good QB to the other team. I know it gets said a lot, but Ray is a huge improvement over Lemon and Jyles. And the Esks QB situation just got worse after Nichols had that injury that looked similar to the one Terry Grant had. But I digress.

That other Ontario team has looked better in recent weeks, but none of their last three wins came against teams with records of .500 or better. Is the blue team coming together, or was it just not-so-good teams making them look better than they actually are? We’ll get the answer to that around 4ish Eastern time on Sunday afternoon.

But I expect that Als to win a fairly close one.

All 8 of them will be selling their tickets?

I actually think that the ARRGHos are going to come out on top, simply because I'm not really feeling the Als this year.

Argos 31
Als 25


    I'm not "feeling" the Als this year either.
     I think Marc Trestman is the smartest coach in the league but he does not have the horses this year that he has had in the past.
     Scott Milanovich is also smart coach who has learned a lot from Trestman. I think his team is motivated and the idea of the Blue team being in the 100th Grey Cup in Toronto is also a huge motivation factor. 
      I am still not happy that we made no effort (as far as I know) to get Milanovich at a time when we knew Marcel was not going to get us to the Grey Cup. 
      I give the Blue team and Jim Barker credit for taking a worse team than us and moulding it into a very competitive team in such a short time. This could be their year.  Anything can happen in a Grey Cup.
      Regardless....George Cortez will have his hands full next season catching up to both the Blue team and Montreal.
      I don't feel too optimistic right now but as usual after yet another losing season...I have my fingers crossed and hope for better things next year.