Eastern final in the Big O

Don't want to look too far ahead, but the eastern final is in the Big O, so hopefully a Cats win will allow us to fill the Big O with lots of black and gold.

Should be easy enough to get tix. I'd love to go.

We're thinking of going if we make it, wife has a sister there and might make a weekend of it.

Last year the east final vs. Edmonton only drew about 45,000 and the O holds about 65,000 for football.

Should be lots of seats available.

1 week at a time.

BC has more playoff experience than us and will not roll over regardless of who the QB is.

They already have close to 50k sold for the final so buy your tickets now...

38,132. I can only gues Quebecers were saving up for the Geray Cup.


That's right,and they also have Wally Buono. Dont look past next week.

Not sure why I remembered it as 45. 38 is still almost double what you can fit in molson stadium.

There is already quite a bit more tickets sold for the final this year. Last year a lot of people chose GC tickets vs the final.

Maybe it was mentioned that the were expecting 45.

We're thinking of loading up a friends motorhome and heading down.