Eastern Final - Hamilton @ Toronto

Don't see a thread for this game in the main forum. If there is then please close this one, mods. Pretty good game so far.

They should take out Burris

Have they announced the attendance yet?

Pretty good first half, and it's one of the few non Grey Cup games that the crowd is really into it in Toronto.

Henry's in a groove. Watch out

Both QBs have their mojo workin' to day. Ol' Henry just takes longer to get warmed up :lol:


Not bad. Would have loved to see 40K but that seems like too much to ask for.

Even at 35K, the crowd has been excellent this game. Kudos to the Ticat and Argo fans that have showed up for this one. Great atmosphere.

Great game so far. Duries yac yards are crazy. Throw him the ball Ricky. Last team with the ball wins. Go Argos!(vgcc pick) go Hamilton(selfish fan pick, I want to yell at Henry in the Grey Cup, it's a soothing sound)

What a stupid PI (the player doing it, not the call). Why would you grab Fantuz like that at this point of the game?

Exactly. Fantuz was well short and likely still not in fg range had he caught it

Grats Ticats! Great game from them. Pretty amazing how much this team has improved as the year went on.



HERE WE COME BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congrats to the Cats, great game and nice to see them headed to the GC!! :cowboy: :cowboy:

Now Go Stamps Go!!!


Climie, Dunnigan and Shultz!!!!!!!!!

Uhhhh…. read it again…. the Ti-Cats did WHAT????

Way to go Ticats! If you want the greatest atmosphere in the world next week, a Rider win will do that.


I'm serious Wilma. You gotta believe me. The Ti-Cats just beat the defending Grey Cup champs. And when Pebbles is old enough to understand I'll tell her how they did it.

That Man-God Ricky Ray was shown to be mere mortal!!

That is how, the meager Ti-Cats defeated the Goliath that is the Toronto ArgoBlows!!!