Eastern Final game thread

Noticed there isnt one, someone should start one I think.

Touchdown pegg!!!!!

argo ss s$$K

rough play call on first play of the game shows the refs wont be any help to bombers. talbot fights for yards and gets hit and they flag it, poor call right off the outset

Thanks. I was waiting for this.

7-1 Winnipeg after Stegall caught tipped pass. Nine minutes into game, Kevin Eiben’s prediction that Bombers will get no more than 10 points not looking good. :slight_smile:

And Prefontaine missed one he should have made, even if he is only “at 80%” as he said.

bombers moved the ball pretty well on the drive for the score, looks good early

And I thought they would again, but they punt on 3rd and 1. And that Westwood punt was a great one (63 yards, -6 on return!)after he previously punted two short ones.

Although Khari Jones, not surprisingly, sounded a little too excited in his praise of Roberts and Stegall. I just heard him say "you know what happens when Stegall gets loose." It is funny to hear Jones sound pro-Winnipeg and Armitage sound pro-TO.

good challenge

I like this so far

i say kick it now, take the three if you can get it

10-1, not bad start at all

now three and out

okay 1 point is better

Make that 11-1. So much for Eiben's prediction, and this is not even half-over.

I think stokes can break one today if he doesnt fumble that is

good special teams by bombers so far

It looked like Bomber drive was getting somewhere, but all they get is a single point on punt. Westwood unsuccessful in angling that one out.

I am happy with that half. go bombers!!!!!1

at the half, I AM LIKING this. Bombers up 12-1

This is starting to make me think that I might go to the game next week if I don't have to watch the argos.