Eastern final attendance

I was amazed at the poor attendance at yesterday's game.How could a city of over two million only muster 33000?Disgraceful!

Toronto has NFL Mentality
That the Problem with all this Toronto Bills Talk.
did it Hurt the gate?

Santa Claus parade and the Raptors contributed to the gate more than talk of the NFL and the Bills!

You can call it an NFL mentality if you want, or you can just call it a city with lots of options.

There may have only been 33,000 at Rogers centre but, at the exact same time, there were 18,000 (including me and my kid) one block away at the ACC watching the Raptors, and another 500,000 on Young street watching the Santa Claus Parade.

A few thousand empty but paid for seats at the ACC - hard to compete with Santa. And as it turned out, only the Santa fans got to see what they came for.

33K in T.O. = BAD. 33K in Hamilton, Regina, Winnipeg, Montreal = STANDING ROOM ONLY.

I don’t get this obsession with CFL attendance - whether good or bad. Must be the only league in the world where the attendance stat gets more attention than the game stats.

Its funny how non of those people would ever move to buffalo!

At least Santa could complete a pass downfield ...

Stop it, you're scaring the elves :lol:

An excellent observation!!!

An Argo-Cat fan

This is a Gate Driven League
Of Course attendance gets more attention.

Unlike the NFL that is TV a Driven League.
We need Great attendance for Teams to Survive

Sadly the problems the CFL has gone through since early 80,s in the Ontario market IMHO started when the CBC GAVE AWAY the rites to NBC to Broadcast CFL games. NBC,s Camera angles(showing the empty seats in the baseball sections of old exhibition stadium) and Arrogant(ignorant ) and disrespectful commentators Hurt the CFL in T.O! http://www.lionbackers.com/cheer/viewto ... d21bc9a803