Eastern Final at Home

Everybody spread the word to bring noise makers such has horns, cow bells etc to make Tim Horton’s field the loudest in the CFL.

When the oppisition has the ball and starts it’s huddle we all need to roar and use those noise makers right up until the ball s hupped to the qb.

It’s intimidating and irritating and makes it tougher to hear the qb in the huddle and imposdible for the qb to change the play after it has neen called.

It also fires up our defence.Our team needs us to make the stadium deafening when the opponent has the ball as that will give them a significant advantage.
Making noise when we make a good play is also great as nobody likes to hear soneone cheer when you made a mistake and it also fires up our offence
Our fans can make a big difference being louder than ever before. . Encourage everyone going to the game to bring noise makers as clapping and screaming is not enough but it should also be included.
I myself have a big liud cowbell that is very loud and I will be yelling every down they have the ball as well.

We deserve a grey cup win and parade and we can make a huge impact on this game.

Oskie Wee Wee

Spread the word to THF security, too. If MTL gets past EDM, as I expect they will, the stadium rules need to be followed with confiscating the hand-push air horn the MTL clown fan, who wears a blue wig, likes to blow constantly at any game he attends. It’s so loud, and so f…ing annoying, that it makes watching MTL home games, even on TV, difficult to enjoy. He had it going for a quarter, or so, in Ottawa this weekend before their security shut him down. I think he could actually cause hearing damage to other fans, unlucky enough to have nearby seats. I’m all for fans making noise, when appropriate to support their teams but, as for noisemakers, I think vuvuzelas and cow bells should be the limit.

YES! Thanks for raising this again! (I had mentioned it on the CFL Talk board while watching the last game in MTL). That guy truly owns the label of “an A$$ Clown”.