Interesting to say the least!! Many scenarios but the most likely is after next weekend Hamilton and Winnipeg will be 7 and 10 and Edmonton will be 8 and 9 with BC at 8 and 9 or above. In my opinion, the way it is most likely to turn out is that we will have a crossover and whoever wins the Winn/Ham game at the end of the season will host the ESF and the loser will be at home drinking beer and watching it on TV. I believe "OUR BOMBERS" will be hosting that game!! What happens after that is anybody's guess. Just as interesting in the West all the way!!

My prediction for the Cup???

Saskatchewan vs Montreal

But.......this is the CFL.. so anything is possible!!

Your thoughts??????

i'll call the eastern/western semi's.

Eastern semi - Hamilton @ Winnipeg
Western semi - BC @ SSK

Eastern final - TBD @ Montreal
Western final - TBD @ Calgary

Hey this is fun...Prediction time

East Semi - Winnipeg over Hamilton in the Peg

Western Semi - BC over Sask in Sask (will be magic watching Sask crash and burn)

East Final - Winnipeg over Montreal, blowout in favor of Bombers (grief counselors will be called in)

West final - BC over Calgary

Grey Cup BC and Winnipeg.... Grey Cup theme will be how 2 discarded QB`s lead their teams to the Grey Cup...Yes Bishop and Printers..

Not to worry, Bishop picks up MVP awards for Grey Cup as well as Eastern Final. Bishop will give his MVP truck to Mike Kelly

You live beside a glue factory, don't you?

.....lol :lol: ....that would have to be at Higgins and Main where they used to melt down the old nags...I don't see Bramlet Girl living there.....but his scenarios for the CFL finish are.....well le'ts just say.....they're out there :lol: :lol: :thup:

Portage and Main... lol

Sure - I'll throw my prediction in for fun. This isn't how I want it to turn out (that would have the Bombers hoisting the cup :smiley: ), it's simply how I think it will.

WPG and the Cats in the Semi, @ WPG.
WPG & MTL in the Final

MTL to the Grey Cup and will meet SK.
SK will surprise everyone and embarrass MTL in the big game.