eastern division teams sux!


The eastern division is the CFL's welfare recipient state of sorts (Ontario/Quebec/Manitoba) for set aside playoff bids.

Do away with divisions and take the top six out of nine. F tradition. I'm sick of the Grey Cup being in most years a consolation game where the real championship takes place in the west a week beforehand between the two best teams in the entire league.

Make the east division compete. No more freebies (auto bids).

Hell, the #1 seeded team in the west should have first call on crossing over to the east and steaming thru the eastern crap as a reward instead of giving it to the #4 west seed. The incentives are all wrong!

Damn, Canadian liberals. We need the conservative Republican-oriented Canadian playoff policies in the CFL. The Canadian liberals ruined this league.

after 3 weeks you are saying the east sucks hmmmm interesting. last time i checked the schedule was 18 games. anything can happen between now and november. the west could go in the tank and the east could dominate. lay off the testors model glue.

You're kidding me, right?

How many times has the east had a team do the crossover?

The west consistently dominates the east...and you want to wait some more time to get the pendulum to swing back?

News flash! The pendulum is NOT going to swing back!

How many more times are you going to sit in the pumpkin patch with Linus waiting for the Great Pumpkin to arrived?

ok so let's give out the GC now then and not play the season. 2013 Sask., 2014 Winnipeg as they will be in the West next year. 2015 to BC, 2016 to Calgary, 2017 Edmonton.

As much as I didn't think it was possible to hit a new level of stupid in this forum, you just did it. Congratulations. :thdn:

Said in jest, but gosh darn it don't let that get in the way of the point of the original post, Tridus -- forced divisional breakouts for a small 8-9 membered team league does not help with the Grey Cup being THE highlight of the season when the west division championship game supersedes it a week earlier.

I still stand by my original comments too. The Canadian liberals and their traditionalist policies are keeping the CFL down.

That was a mouthful but the truth.

Seem to recall the Lions starting off a season at 0-5 and winning the GC. And not so long ago they won the GC with an 8-10 record.

All games treated equally, the west out performs the east...consistently and statistically significant. That is a fact.

I do not want the law of west > east averages to finally produce the 5th best team in the entire league (eastern winner) to play the best team in the league (#1 west) in a Grey Cup. There aren't enough teams in the league to operate like the NFL -- best team in a 16 team conference vs. the best team in a 16 team conference playing each other in the Super Bowl. The law of averages for a 4 team winner vs. 4 team winner to get a good championship game is significantly lower than the 16 team winner vs. 16 team winner. That is fact.

And now, thanks to the traditionalist liberals we have the potential for a lobsided Grey Cup with the real Grey Cup occurring a week earlier in the west final.

I said it once, and I'll say it again. You liberal and traditionalist Canadians are keeping the CFL down.

All I can say is "WOW"! and I thought having my 100th post on a football forum be about gun control was bad ... WOW!

:roll: :cowboy:

It's strange to have four teams in the East all tied with 2-1 records but it's till early in the season, lots of football yet to come?

I think Espo could be related to Johnny Italo in Montreal though, sure not a Cat fan??

2-1? How about 1-2?

I remember one year the division the seahawks are in all teams were 1-3 after 4 games , the seahawks ended up winning the division at 11-6 .

All games treated equally..... Statistical significance....

Hands down the west is the best.

The eastern division is the CFL welfare state and it ruins the enjoyment of having the last game (GC) as the season ending event.

2012 Regular season standings BC and Calgary finished with better than .500 record. Montreal and TO .500 or better
Four remaining teams (2 from the west and 2 from the east) below .500

2011 Regular season standings BC, Edmonton and Calgary better than .500 record. Winnipeg and Mtl better than .500
3 remaining (1 from the west 2 from the east) below.500

2010 Regular season standings Calgary and SSK better than .500 record. MTL, TO and Hamilton .500 or better.
3 remaining teams, (2 from the west 1 from the east). And one of those two teams from the west won the GC, that being BC with a less than .500 record.

You have to compare apples with apples. Those records are not corrected to account for a lopsided 10 divisional games ouf of 18 games being on the schedule. If you use the Zermelo technique for comparison, the average power rating of the west exceeds the east.

EZ, if you hate the East division so much, why don't you just not watch their games, and move on? And if you don't hate the East division, then what the heck are you trying to get out of this? :?

Playoff reform. Do away with divisions because the CFL is a small league relative to a league with 32 teams, and take the top 6 in the entire league and seed the bracket accordingly so the Grey Cup can be the summit of suspense instead of the west final. Small league sizes in any sport do not fare well mathematically in the last championship game when they are divided up in a bracket.

Thanks for asking.

I dunno, maybe I'm missing something here, but has the East not won 3 of the last 6 Grey Cups, including the last one?

Don't let facts get in the way of a flawed argument, Taleback. Personally, I disagree with the OP, and largely for the reason you stated. Besides, I'm more inclined to give more credit to people who spell "suck" properly, and don't pluralize it when it doesn't need to be. MadJack, that must be one of your pet peeves too, no? :wink:

Playoff reform will not happen in my lifetime; that's given. CFL is in great shape!

East vs West since 1945...68 years to date....Grey Cups

East; 35*
West: 31

  • Winnipeg has won two Cups included in the East total.