eastern division teams sux!

Toronto sucks.

Hamilton sucks.

Montreal sucks.

Winnipeg sucks....Buck "Chris Evert" Pierce can't take a hit.

Ottawa will suck too.

When will the Eastern division get the crossover game for the playoffs? The day Homer Simpson gets his doctorate in medicine from the University of Saskatchewan.

P.S. Eat my shorts, Toronto! As Bart Simpson would say!

Did I mention Montreal sucks too ever since Trestman left?

As far as I’m concerned the 4 best teams in the league are in the west.

Here’s hoping the CFL has 3 divisions when Ottawa joins the fray. At least the two best teams in the league could meet in the Grey Cup with a three division setup.

are you related to johnny all italics?


Plain and simple.

wow. lol @ these random idiotic topics..

eastern teams suck?

maybe montreal does and hamilton and toronto but the bombers, i know they get no love around these parts but.. c'mon man, they should and easily could be 2-0.

think sometimes people need to think b4 posting a rant..

while i agree that montreal looks bad and hamilton looks bad and torontos D looks bad, im not so sure id say winnipeg sucks just yet.

they beat hamilton they are 2-1, they lose, 1-2. its early in the year...

people put to much stock in to how teams look early on, its not about blowing people away, its about coming together later in the year....

sure the eastern teams look weaker right now... but... in 10 weeks when things actually matter... who is to say that it wont be the western teams struggling.

Winnipeg hasn't played anyone other than Montreal and got a split. Winnipeg's win was only by 8 points. You must be thinking of some other team.

The West is 3-0 against the east.

Help preserve the integrity of the Grey Cup and vote to have the bracket changed in 2014 to allow for the #1 and #2 seeds in the west face each other in the big game.

The bracket in 2014 should look like this:

  1. if both the east and west have 3 teams in the playoff:
    #3 East vs #2 West with the winner playing the #1 East
    #3 West vs #2 East with the winner playing the #1 West

For 2 teams and 4 teams with a crossover, the bracket should look like this:

#4 West vs. #2 West with the winner playing the #1 East
#3 West vs. #2 East with the winner playing the #1 West

In 2014, with Ottawa in the East and Winnipeg in the west. 1 team and 5 teams with a crossover, the bracket should look like this:

#5 West vs. #2 West with the winner playing the #1 East
#4 West vs. #3 West with the winner playing the #1 West


If we just ignore him, maybe he'll go away.

You'd think if this forum had a moderator a thread like this would just get deleted right away.

And great advertising for your website by the way. :roll:

If the idiotic attendance bashing troll threads are allowed, then surely this one is. This is actually about football.

Yes you are right, let's be honest the East teams do suck.........so far!
So does fan support in Toronto.................I really hate those trolls too.

Could not agree with you more on "think sometimes people need to think b4 posting a rant" !

Montreal offense looks bad. Beg to differ that their D looks bad. Similar to the Bombers.... :wink:

I think that Montreal is actually a better team this year. Defense and Special teams look very good and have made big plays in the first three games.
Trestman was a great offensive coach but lacked severely in other areas.
As for the Offense now you can blame this on Popp, Trestman, and Calivillo as far as I am concerned. Trestman in his 5 years pretting much ran the offense and there are very few people who know that offense. Three of them already have coaching jobs elsewhere. Trestman if left a year earlier Milanovich would probably have been moved into the head coaching spot. Biggest mistake is the treatment of Marcus Brady by Trestman and the entire Als organization who would be the only one who could have kept that offensives scheme in tact and worked with the last man who knows the offense that well and that is AC himself.
Milanovich scooped up Brady very quickly as the Offensive coordinator without Montreal even putting up a fight.
That leaves Montreal with a different offensive scheme and the sooner that a 40 year old QB gets on board the better they will be. The new staff cannot build a new offense around a 40 year QB so it will be AC and the rest of the veterans of the old offense to take a grasp of it becasuse the Trestamn offense is not coming back.
AC placing blame on everybody including the coaching staff in the media did zero to help the situation letting it out to the public he better be ready to get hit a lot because everty team will be sending the house.
Newer players to the offense do not seem to be having any problems with it so far in Bruce and Devine.
Jim Popp also needs to get on his horse and bring in another receiver to replace Deslaures. Bringing in another quality receiver to take that spot can be an import or non import and will give the Als a 2nd receiver who is not pouting about the offense but living it and playing it until the rest are ready to get on with the new offense.
Whitaker also appears as though he will also be better with the new offense with each week.
Messom also was on the roster last night playing special teams. He did have a stupid Penalty but it was an aggrsive stupid penalty. As he gets himself back inot playing shape from injury will be another offensive weapon who will not bout about the new offense but will embrace it.

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Hey EZ,why stop at 3 divisions,why not 5 :roll: :wink: hmmm.... Tor/Ham can be one division,Mtl/Ott another :roll: out west Edm/Calg.....Sask/B.C....with the Bombers being in a division to themselfs,since they seem to flip flop back and forth,they can be the swing team!!!! IDIOTIC x 25 :roll: :roll: :roll: :thdn: :thdn: me thinks you need a new hobby!!!!

Another weekend in the books and the east division still sucks.

Suckiest of the sucks would be Winnipeg. Buck Pierce did not leave the game injured this week. Congrats to him.

Yes at the moment the eastern teams are struggling but only time will tell how good they will be. The only team that stands out right now is the Riders. Also the Eskies are probably one of the worst teams in the league as of now. IMO only

So that must make Edmonton sucks as well as they have the same record as the East.

..I see the logic there

but edmonton beat an eastern team and no eastern team has beaten edmonton, so there :slight_smile: