Eastern Division Power Poll

Seems like so far there’s more parity then we thought. Here where I see it at the moment…

1 Montreal (lost to ottawa but we may have awaken a giant)
2 Ottawa (confidence is everything… the health of this team is what is key)
3 Toronto (defence is saving them… teams will figure them out…)
4 Hamilton (no hope in hell with grampa mcmanus)

I find it funny how on the TSN power rankings, they have Ottawa at #8, just ahead of Winnipeg. Meanwhile Hamilton is 0-2 and Calgary is 0-1.

Agreed… this only supports what we were saying about the Gades getting no respect…

The league and tv portrays them as this sad sack team…

I so hope we get lucky vs BC and beat the crap out of Calgary who raided our players!

that would be awesome of we could beat BC. I don’t really see Calgary doing that well this year, they got a good defence, but the gades beat this same defence twice last year, so it shouldn’t be that much of a problem.

But agreed that the Gades get no respect.

I don’t think it is a respect thing, yet… TO me, part of the power ranking is your depth. An injury or two really hurts our team; we are not as deep as Montreal or Toronto at this time.

Depends on the position you are deep in.

What will happen to Toronto - Allen, Montreal - Calvillo and Hamilton - McManus when they get hurt???